Judy Holliday and Alicia Vikander

Tonight it hit me like a piece of furniture.  Classic Hollywood actress Judy Holliday and Swedish actress Alicia Vikander resemble each other quite a bit.



Watch Judy Holliday talk here.

Here is Alicia Vikander in Anna Karenina (Joe Wright, 2012):

Their eyes are different, but I’ve always thoughts French actress Elsa Zylberstein and Canadian actress Erin Karpluk look like twins.

For more lookalikes, click here and here.

Killing Time

Don’t you love that there’s a phrase for destroying something that cannot be seen or touched or smelled or felt but can be measured and nonetheless experienced?

If waiting a quarter of an hour is no big deal to you, it’s the remaining forty-five minutes that makes you want to rake your face with long finger nails, I have the perfect time-killing mechanism for you.  In fact, it’s just about the best forty-six minutes you’ll spend watching a YT video (that isn’t a documentary about endangered wildlife, debunking some common belief/practice, or chill trance remix).*

*Yep, I originally posted this link on my g+.

Peaking at Any Age

Some of us know people who peaked in high school or college, people who were never more radiant than at their prom or a fraternity ceremony or working at their college newspaper.  Some of us know people whose lives couldn’t have gotten any better the moment they were no longer single in the eyes of the law or the moment they finally realized what would truly give them happiness in a capitalist system.

And then there are people like Mike Fiers (fear-s?  fires?  fyeers?), who did something he will not soon be forgetting in the area of pitching in a baseball game.


Have you peaked yet?

NFL 2015: Falcons Nose-Pick the Titans

It has been ages since I’ve talked about football in the context of a real game.  It has been full moons since I’ve mentioned real athletes or that the Atlanta Falcons‘ head coach is now Dan Quinn.


On August 14, the Tennessee Titans slid south to go up against the Atlanta Falcons in the first 2015 pre-season game.  The Falcons would beat the Titans 31 to 24.  Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.  If you’re an Atlanta fan, see quotes and visual aids here.

The reason I set up this blog was to continue writing about televised and cinematic football (and other sports as interest compelled).  Non-sports creative writing soon joined the lunch table and eventually overtook the menu.  I could’ve rebranded myself, I could still rebrand myself, but this blog is not my person.  It’s not my hair or my psyche, I don’t need to re-define it just because I have not written about sports or sports films in a very long time.

I’m keeping this identity because it’s something I developed genuine interest for during grad school.  And, it’s not such an integral part of my sense of self that in some ways it’s a sanctuary.  To think about the human body as kinesthetic, organic machines dissipates the relentless inner monologues that cry out the same lines I could spit blindly and still touch one of them.

Et puis, people who like sports and movies do like and think about things other than scoreboards, spandex, being hurt vs. being injured, and personal rituals correlated with the victory or defeat of one’s favorite team(s).

Adjacent Topic: Campfire Tales 23

Sliding in from the twenty-second lincoln log.


The man with the rifle dropped his head then slowly turned it from left to right.  Knowing that you’re dead and shouldn’t have so much motor function or such fine control of it was not easy to comprehend fully.  The girl in the argyle socks had been packing for hours and scuttled by every now and again to announce their departure in “ten more minutes.”  When she came by a few minutes ago, he’d told her that he was beginning to remember a few details.  She’d nodded and continued with compiling and organizing supplies.

The girl in the argyle socks saw more of his memories than she’d let on but also knew that in order for him to ‘reunite’ with his physical self, he would have to recall what had happened to him by himself.  She couldn’t give him hints, she couldn’t guide his train of thought.  She could only take him to the places he’d been before he’d come across her all those months ago.  Although she’d wanted to travel light, she was well aware of unpredictable terrain or changes in weather.  She would get hungry quickly and often, thus, she needed to bring enough food.  As much delight as she took in the taste of his ‘non-dead’ body, the girl in the argyle socks was not about to feast on the flesh of a man who wasn’t really there. Not corporeally at any rate.