Sports Thoughts Unhad

My foot is doing better.  An increased intake of bananas and application of Chinese herbal patches has helped significantly.  There’s Salon Pas (sah-lon paaahhsss), GouPi Gao, and then there’s YunNan BaiYao.  Awesome stuff.


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I did a YouTube search of the phrase “sports are dumb” and found this video which tickled me pink with laughter (despite the couple moments of ‘hmmm, I laughed but someone surely took offense’).

Then, I did a search of “sports saved my life” to see what I’d find.  It’s an old video, but I like it.  I wonder what the people featured in it are up to now.

I titled this post “sports thoughts unhad” because even though I think a lot about a myriad of topics, I’d never thought that sports scoring rules could be stupid or how sports have saved specific people’s lives.  I know it plays an important part society (for better or for worse), but I hadn’t wondered about more concrete examples.


And now for some Kpop:

Ladies Code used to be a five-member group but two of them died due to a car accident in 2014.  The surviving three members made their comeback earlier this year with a great song.

I’ve started listening to more Korean hip-pop.
Here’s Babylon featuring Dok2 (translation here).

Explain It to Me Like I’m Ten

I was going down a short flight of stars, didn’t see the last two steps because I’d thought I was already on the last one and I fell.  The same thing happened several years ago and I was wearing the same skirt.  I rolled my right ankle, but it’s not too bad.  I can put weight on my foot and hobble.  Immediately after I fell and landed on my arse, I was filled with minor self-annoyance and major shock.  I somehow got myself up (while still carrying three bags) and tested how much it would hurt to put down my right foot.

It hurt a bit.  I was trembling as I got my bags into my car, then it became harder to maintain physical balance.  It was a struggle to stand up straight — I wanted to collapse but couldn’t do it in the garage.  I somehow got myself to the foyer, seeing stars and kaleidoscopic lights the whole time and noticing that sounds became quieter and quieter, then I flopped down onto a different set of stairs.  I came to moments later and drank some almond milk.  One of the cats just looked at me in my duress.  No discernible expressions of concern.

I’ve passed out/blacked out before due to very low blood sugar and heat.  It’s a very peculiar experience to know you’re about to faint.  The first time it happened, it was only due to low blood sugar and heat.  This time, though, there was an element of physical trauma.  There was probably a bit of insufficient blood sugar and it was a hot day.

Explain it to me like I’m ten.  What exactly happened in my body where falling down and sustaining a minor ankle injury made me shake and faint?  I’ve rolled/twisted my right ankle so many times in my life that I really need to pay more attention to where I put it.

And now for a pretty cupcake.


Sharing the Road: Easier Said Than Done



The phrase “easier said than done” applies appropriately to sharing the road with people who are traveling in the same or a different mode of transportation than you.  It occurred to me today that as much as I believe I share fairly and reasonably the road with bicyclists, it depends on the definition of “share” from a biker’s and a driver’s literal (visual) and psychological points of view.

For example, if a bicyclist doesn’t have a proper bike lane or enough space on the right side of the road (and she won’t get on the sidewalk because it’s illegal and dangerous for both the bicyclist and any pedestrians who may or may not dart out onto a sidewalk before a bicyclist can come to an effective stop), she isn’t very likely going to stop and let a driver pass her, is she?  Or, would she prefer for the driver to hurry up and get around her so that she could resume her biking pace?

Perhaps in suburban areas or neighborhood streets, she would let a driver by because there is room and opportunity (in much the same way a pedestrian may let a car or bike pass before continue walking).  More often than not, if residential buildings are not on a main road, there is usually a turning lane.  This morning, I was driving on a one-lane road through a residential area.  The road was on an incline and windy, thus, it made little sense to me to try and accelerate past a couple of bicyclists not only because at that particular stretch of the road, I’d be unable to stop/swerve if a car were to come from the other direction by the time I’d gotten closer to the bicyclists, but my visibility was also limited.  I needed to get around a curve several “blocks” ahead before I could consider going around them.

The speed limit was twenty-five mph on that road; there was a neighborhood turning lane approaching.  I thought the bicyclists would move over to the turning lane and let me pass, but nope.  Instead, after a car from the other direction had gone by me, I was able to increase my speed enough to drive alongside the bicyclists…at their speed.  I thought I was sharing the road because I was going slowly and wanted to make my presence known before I increased my speed to move in front of them.

One of the bicyclists motioned to me with his left arm in a manner that I interpreted as, “Move it along!  Just go, go, go!”

And so I did.  I was miffed, for sure, at first because I thought it nonsensical for a bicyclist with no bike lane to be so annoyed that I didn’t zoom by him.  I believed I was being courteous…and then I realized that even though I knew my intentions, he had no way of knowing it.  He could’ve seen my driving as needlessly slow and excessively “sharing” to the point of “lingering.”

The bicyclists I’ve seen on city streets would probably appreciate my slowness but only because they would get on the sidewalk …if only to get away from me. ^o^

Hockey and Other Things

It’s hotter than a hot pocket in the Peach State.  I spend a significant amount of my internet time watching and listening to YouTube.  Aside from watching the content from youtubers to which I am subscribed, I like to do searches on a variety of terms that usually end up being “__name of food__ challenge” or “__name of cute animal__” or “__name of actor/director/philosophical concept___.”

Today, I looked up “hockey” and other terms.  Here’s a  sample of what I found.

American Hockey:

— and one guy understands now why North Americans do not like futbol.

— there’s a happy tiger on the bed.

Hockey hamburger:

— quoi?

Hockey Rabbit:

Hockey Jello:

Hockey Mustard:


Bonus: Irish people watching football:

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And now for something else.  Taekwondo and Kpop.

Perturbed, Unnecessary Roughness

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I could be
just like you,
stomp and stare
as you do
when you walk down the street

and see displays of affection
you’d rather not see

I could be
just like you,
respond to those sights
with malice unparalleled

I could take you down
before you have the chance to blink
with unnecessary roughness
befitting a dirty line-backing fiend

I could introduce you
to my trusty bat,
made of such polished,
dense wood

the likes of which
you’d rather not see

I could spit semiotic toxins
in the face of your ego,
forcibly caress your fears
until you cry uncle

But I am not
just like you,
not this you
strutting from shadow to shadow
unable to transcend
unwilling to bend

a morsel of your pride
to allow room
for who I am,
for who you could be
for who would be

crossing finish lines
with the brevity of acceptance
with the assurances for a love
beyond the cage around your heart

I could have been
just like you,
fuming and berserking,
bringing down everyone
to the depths of my detesting

everything that
I’d rather not see

But I woke up,
looked upon the world
heaped at our feet,
a mirror between
the two of us,
eager to reflect
something better

If only you could
just let me be.

— yiqi 13 june 2016 6:02 pm


The above poem came to me as I was drying my hair and listening to this song by AOA and thinking about what it takes to refuse to let someone who disapproves of you, despises you and your love, dictate how you live…even if it means your time on earth is much shorter than it otherwise could have been.