Over Easy

But first, I got new glasses!



Now back to it.  Originally posted on my tumblr (with a different visual aid):

The body (still) (will) remember pain that the mind never named.
The body (still) (will) relive the sensory perception that the mind can’t name.
Until one day the mind becomes haunted by the spectre of its own defensive game – will there be a special teams equipped well enough to coax or even drag out the incendiary filaments of anger much, much delayed?

– yiqi 20 october 2016 7:34 am


I got new lenses for my sunglasses too, but the photo’s lightning ended up being sub-par, so I turned it into a question of what if synaesthesia had you?




Images of American Youth Culture in Kpop MVs

It’s cultural appropriation when the Subject takes the Other’s customs as accessories; it’s cultural appropriation when the ideological Majority (re)interprets the Minority’s norms and tastes.  Is it a gushing compliment when the latter inserts former’s cultural mise-en-scene?

I love these songs and the music videos.  I know that cheerleaders, lacrosse players, and football players are not exclusively North American “properties.”  Nonetheless, I wonder about the line that separates an effective incorporation of another’s look-and-feel from satire from shameless borrowing.*

It’s harder to avoid consciously emulating others’ visual representations of themselves because their lifestyles and fashion choices are but an app and internet connection away.  The disconnect for me is that the clothes and sets signify North American culture but the people in it are not North American (geo-politically speaking).  It seems real but it isn’t.

Girls’ Generation‘s “Oh” — spot the imac g3



AOA‘s “Heart Attack”


EXO‘s “Love Me Right”

* The art direction of Shinee’s “1 of 1” mv is a fantastic nod to New Jack Swing and fashion trends of the 90s.  Uncut version of Troublemaker’s “Tell Me Now” mv.  Psy’s “Gangnam Style” does not satirize directly American culture but because much of American popular culture is tied to excess and luxury, I thought it a fitting example — and the blog post is excellently written.

PS. Many members of Kpop groups (and likely creative staff) were born in or group up in Canada and the US, so it makes sense why they would bring a Westerner’s visual style perspective.   They still have to abide by the customs of their ethnic heritage (what is considered offensive and what isn’t), so depictions of violence, sexuality, and mind-altering landscapes would necessarily be affected.

PPS.  I still don’t fully understand the reggae thing.  I get the appeal for a musician, but the braids?  Je ne le comprends pas.

NFL 2016: Falcons scoot the Raiders over the dock

I watched most of the game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Oakland Raiders.  Televised on CBS from sunny California, both teams were neck-and-neck throughout the game.  Were it not for the Falcons’ field goals in the second quarter and the Raiders’ missed FG (in the first half of the game if memory serves), the Raiders could’ve won by two points.  But they didn’t.  The Falcons had this one….won.  (pun intended!)

Final score 35 to 28.  Get game summary, stats, and more here.

 photo PJYLJicon2.jpg

And now for some YouTube finds.  I’ve recently come across this Scottish YouTuber named Erin.  She vlogs about being Scottish, paranormal activity, and other aspects of her life.


I don’t remember how it is I found JoeGo101‘s channel.  It must’ve been a recommended video on the sidebar, and it was this video:



Mid-Autumn Moon


The day after the Mid-Autumn Festival.  Time for Mooncakes!

~ Detour ~
There are Chinese peace-keeping battalion soldiers in South Sudan?
~ Retour ~
I took some photos of the moon tonight with my HTC phone.  None of these have been retouched, only cropped and resized.

And I named a new elephant friend “Mooncake” or 月餅 (yue-bing).  Toys R Us didn’t have any wombats (even though they had kangaroos and koalas).  I brought home an elephant instead.  When I looked into her countenance at the store, I felt it.  She wanted to go home with me.




In other news, it’s not even October (let alone Halloween) and Santa Claus is already creepin’.