Tunes for a Soul Sliding Sight

I don’t remember how I came across this Gary Clark Jr. song, but across it I came.  A song’s melody and arrangement affect me and take a hold of me faster than lyrics.  Upon listening to thirty seconds of the song for the first time, I found a warm place into which I could crawl.


It made me think of Dynamic Duo‘s “Good Love.”

And Jam is just a fun song.





Where Did Your Warmth Go?

Did you lose it in a bet, misplace it in Las Vegas, dice it up into a hundred chunks and spread it over the Atlantic?


I have been a subscriber to BBC Earth Unplugged’s YouTube Channel for quite some time now.  I saw this video on how body heat leaves the body in cold temperatures when clothes are steadily removed.  See the green take hold.


I wonder, though, what the difference would be at varying levels of wind blowing.  Slight breeze vs windy vs hold onto your hat.

Off Topic: Today’s Verse 87

First poem of the year.


I see myself behind her reflection,
I am drenched,
a pair of buckskins drying
on a purse rack.

Well-traveled, hard-won,
I see my breath floating
behind her reflection,
smudged and distorted
by panes of glass.

I see quivering cords of muscle
behind her reflection,
stretched like incandescent polymers,
folding and refolding
in step with a harpsichord anthem.
Elevated, punctuated
I lose myself with misdirection,
when she steps out of the mirror
I see not myself,
but the body I once wore
snugly, tightly
armor against the elements.

I see the cords disentangling,
they raise up calcium deposits
and rusted bottle caps.
Bend me now, save me for later,
re-weld my hide into the coolness
of the car’s interior.

Utility reborn,
She sees my reflection
as she rests her body
on seats of leather.

— yiqi 26 Jan 2016 1:40 pm


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Ma Voix Est Retournee

My voice has returned and dust allergies are under control.

I watched the last few minutes of the NFC divisional game where the Arizona Cardinals beat the Green Bay Packers in overtime 26 to 20.  For a brief moment, all the controversy surrounding the cranial trauma players can endure over the course of their career melted away and revealed what had drawn and sustained (for a time) my interest in the aesthetic of football.  Bodies through space, one specific body through space, dodging and persevering.


Were you ever an Eagles fan?  I was.