Daily Archives: October 3, 2007

Off Topic: Today’s Verse

Sittings Pugs is an avenue and gathering place for sports news (that catch my eye), sports films, and reportage and contemplation on sports competition (primarily of the football sort). But every now and then, when I feel it appropriate or worthy, I’ll sneak some relevant prose or poetry. I post my artistic and non-sports related musing on my LiveJournal; I wrote this tonight and decided to post it here because it makes me a little sad. And I want to make you sad too.*

She breaks the hockey puck
beneath the ice
it doesnt shatter
until I begin to move
the rink’s edge closes in
& I’m sitting on the stands
the glory of victory marches
across the field w/o me

because she has broken
the straps that hold me
in place, in stride
in pace w/ sixty-seven yards—
tirelessly fought for—

and even now
ten years w/ no puck
my mouth guard still clings
like dried blood on
a lacerated calf

from that skating rink
the metal enclosure around
my head starts to sink,
tugging me after it
pulling me until the only surface
daylight brings
puts me back on those stands
watching excited hands
hold up bodies I once knew.

–yiqi 3 Oct 07 1:27AM

*kidding. a little.