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College Football: Gators belly up before Tigers; Stanford stuns USC

Approximately 92,000 people were in the stands at Tiger Stadium to watch Louisiana State University’s Tigers beat University of Florida’s Gators 28 to 24. LSU’s points came from four touchdowns (thanks to quarterback Ryan Perrilloux in the second quarter, running back Keiland Williams in the third quarter, wide receiver Demetrius Byrd in the fourth quarter, and fullback Jacob Hester in the very bottom of the fourth quarter).

The Gators, defending national champions, started the first half of the game marvelously. A field goal in the first quarter gave them a 3-0 lead, which then became a 10-0 lead in the second play of the second quarter as running back Kestahn Moore made a touchdown. Despite LSU’s numbers, Florida was still outscoring the number one team in the country at the bottom of the third quarter (due to touchdowns by quarterback Tim Tebow in the bottom of the second quarter and tight end Cornelius Ingram in the third quarter). And then the fourth quarter happened–LSU got two more touchdowns.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kestahn Moore lost his left shoe after he caught a pass from Tebow in the second quarter. An extreme close-up revealed the sneaker to be of the Nike brand and white and red in color. Hmmm…i wonder how many Gator fans will make a trip to their nearest Nike vendor (on or offline).

2. LSU quarterback Matt Flynn reminds me of Matt Damon with helmet and Chris O’Donnell without helmet.

3. Back in 1988, on October 9, LSU beat Auburn and the 80,000 fans in the stadium cheered so exuberantly that they caused a 3.4 earthquake to happen (on campus). CBS Sports reports as much. I did a little netsearching and LSU corroborates it.

For game stats, a recap, and play by play, click here.

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USC loses to Stanford.

College Football: The Dawgs paws down to the Volunteers

University of Georgia’s Dawgs will not be enjoying a fourth win against University of Tennessee’s Volunteers. UGA played in Knoxville today (televised by CBS) and only scored two touchdowns, courtesy of Demiko Goodman (in the third quarter) and Tripp Chandler (in the fourth quarter). TN, however, would make five touchdowns, giving them a 35 to 14 win over UGA. Arian Foster contributed three TDs (in the first, second, and third quarters). LaMarcus Coker and Montario Hardesty made the other two (on the second quarter).

Between 103,000 and 107,000 people were on site to witness the Volunteers relish in a much needed confidence booster.

UGA is number twelve in the country. They now have a 23-4 away game record. Aside from tangible reasons for their loss to TN (mistakes, diminished umph), perhaps the statistical tends-towards-the-mean phenomenon is ultimately responsible.

For game stats, summary, and play by play, click here.