Daily Archives: October 7, 2007

‘Tis the Season: The Bears Break the Packers

Up until tonight, the Green Bay Packers have won all of their games thus far in the season.

But then they met the Chicago Bears and the domination has come to a pause.  After four quarters of Packers-on-top-turned-both-teams-tied, the Bears scored a touchdown (made by tight end Desmond Clark in the bottom of the fourth quarter), which gave them the lead–and ultimately the win–over Green Bay 27 to 20.  The camera then cut to an extreme close-up of Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre, who looked understandably disgruntled (for lack of a better adjective; he didn’t look morose or even infuriated).

Al Michaels attributed the Chicago’s’ victory to cornerback Charles Tillman, who had forced two fumbles and “kept the Bears in the game.”

At the risk of upsetting Packers fans who might be reading this entry, I jumped up and down for joy when Clark made that TD.

For stats, summary, and play by play, click here.

‘Tis the Season: Falcons found and lost lift-off to Titans

Atlanta Falcons may have won against the Houston Texans last week, but they couldn’t hold it together against the Tennessee Titans today, losing 13 to 20.

Both teams made mistakes and intercepted passes.  Both teams were tied for a significant chunk of the second and third quarters.   The Falcons couldn’t quite follow through with the dismount on a few key plays in the fourth quarter.  Bobby Petrino wore this look of disbelief meets resignation meets vengeance.  It was the kind of expression one would get if one realized that one’s own family members or closest friends were in cahoots and trying to get one to marry someone or buy a car or commit to a particular job.


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