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College Football: GaTech holds down the Army

Ideologically, I wouldn’t have minded if Army’s Black Knights didn’t lose the game today. But, I’m sure glad GT’s Yellow Jackets won 34 to 10 (their homecoming game too).

I started watching the game (televised by my local CW station) at the top of the second quarter; the score was 10 to 7 in GT’s favor. The first image that appeared on screen was Yellow Jacket running back Tashard Choice being helped onto a chair by his teammates. He had scored a touchdown at the bottom of the first quarter and after a subsequent play, he injured a knee after being tackled. Since he is such an integral part of GT’s offense, it was undoubtedly difficult for the Yellow Jackets coaching staff and student body to imagine how the rest of the game would unfold.

Army’s second quarter field goal tied the game briefly–GT broke it with a field goal of their own at the bottom of the quarter. Army would not score again. GT would earn twenty-four more points by the end of the game (thanks to touchdowns by running backs Rashaun Grant and Jonathan Dwyer in the third quarter and Jamaal Evans in the fourth quarter). I was jumping up and down with sheer joy during the fourth quarter.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Andre 3000 from Outkast was on the sidelines supporting the Yellow Jackets.

2. I didn’t know this game was going to be on any local station until I went downstairs at about 1pm and started flipping through channels. I’m certainly thrilled that I got to watch this game on TV, but the CW aesthetic just kills me. Not only did the score bar take up too much space on the top of the screen, but the quality of the red zone graphic (sponsored by O’ Reilly Autoparts–Google didn’t turn up anything else relevant) looked like something out of Windows 3.1. The SEC game between Alabama’s Crimson Tide and the Tennessee Volunteers was broadcast on my former WB station, now called MyATLtv, and featured the same horrendous score bar. It didn’t just take up too much space at the top of the screen; it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. ABC, CBS, Fox, ESPN, and NBC aren’t turning any heads with their score bar/box graphic, but they aren’t as visually intrusive or distracting.

3. The Army players’ uniforms included a cloth patch on the upper left side, in the same location as the “C” (for captain) on NFL uniforms. Each patch was different. Some were shields, others were rectangles with diagonal stripes.

GT’s victory over Army was the result of great running and maneuvering by the entire offense as well as blocking by the defense. Read more about the game (including details on the game-saving/changing interceptions) here.

For game stats and play by play, click here.

In related proclamations of happiness, the Florida Gators pounced on the Kentucky Wildcats.

Note: Expect an analysis of The Comebacks and Not Another Teen Movie within the next few days.