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Kenny Smith muses NBA: how not to behave

From Yahoo Sports.

Basketball’s trade commandments

By Kenny Smith, Yahoo! Sports
October 22, 2007

When should a player ask to be traded? Should he even ask at all?

I’m not talking about a guy sitting on the bench that wants more playing time. Everyone can understand that. I’m talking about your franchise player, the guy on your team who makes millions. The one who plays all the minutes, takes all the shots and has the adoring fans.

The one who plays in the second-largest sports market in the country.

(I’m talking about Kobe Bryant, of course.)

First, let’s get this straight: There is no, I repeat no, loyalty in pro basketball. Many think that team owners have this loyalty to players for their service. That’s far from the truth. So why should players have this unconditional loyalty? They shouldn’t. However, they should have a code of ethics to abide by…….

Kareem to Los Angeles and Monroe to the Knicks. Fast-forward to Dominique out of Atlanta, Ewing to Seattle, Shaq to Miami, K.G. to Boston. All those cities that lost those stars had some kid crying his eyes out.

It’s not about loyalty. It’s about business deals, salary caps and states of the franchise. So again, does a player have the right to ask to be traded? Of course. But there is and always will be an unwritten law of basketball etiquette.


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