NFL News: Patriots and Colts in Bunches

I am so excited about the game on Sunday. It’s going to be so beautiful.

Whet your hypothalamus’s appetite:

Brady, Manning very difficult to game plan against

By Ira Miller

Sunday’s matchup between New England and Indianapolis is really rare. This is a game where someone actually may have a point when he says of the two offenses, “You can’t stop ’em, you can only hope to contain them.”

Both teams are led by Hall of Fame-bound quarterbacks in their prime, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. And that’s as good a place as any to try to start finding answers to the question: How do you (try to) stop them?

“To me, it starts with the quarterbacks,” said Ron Rivera, the San Diego linebackers coach who faced the Patriots in September and the Colts in the Super Bowl last February, when he was defensive coordinator of the Chicago Bears. “You’ve got to do something to throw them off, distract them, get in their face.

“Whether it’s being able to bring the pressure or confuse them in terms of your initial alignments (or) being patient … They both thrive on the convulsion actions before the snap – lifting the leg, shooting the hands, the jerky actions all designed to get you to show your hand first.”

Problem for the defenses in that: Brady and Manning rarely get pressured or confused.

“They’ve got two quarterbacks who can actually see the game the way the defensive coordinators see it,” said Ozzie Newsome, the Baltimore Ravens‘ general manager. “When you’re playing the Colts and Patriots, if a mistake is made (on defense), they capitalize on it. Their quarterbacks see it and they capitalize on it.

“It’s not about tricks (on defense) because the two quarterbacks are too good.”

Read the rest here.

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