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‘Tis the Season: The Cowboys rope in the Eagles.

Today is the beginning of NBC’s let-save-the-planet movement, in which hundred of hours of programming will be focused on ways that even you, everyday Joe Schmoe, Molly Ne Personne can pitch in to ease the burden of providing enough energy for every human being living on the planet. The NFL Sunday team broadcast their halftime report from a candle-lit studio. Keith Olberman likened the lighting to seance. I thought it was strangely romantic.

Now on to the Dallas Cowboys vs. the Philadelphia Eagles game.

After a day of half-hearted celebrations of the Falcons victory over the 49ers (it wasn’t on my local Fox station for reasons I can’t fathom) and no-hearted joy over the Colts’ loss to the Patriots, I can sleep with a smile on my face. The Cowboys won 39 to 17 with a field goal in the fourth quarter and five touchdowns (courtesy of running back Julius Jones in the first quarter, tight end Tony Curtis in the first quarter, running back Marion Barber in the second quarter, wide receiver Terrell Owens in the third quarter, and tight end Jason Witten in the third quarter).

The Eagles 18 points resulted from a field goal in the third quarter and two touchdowns (thanks to running back Brian Westbrook in the first quarter and wide receiver Hank Baskett in the fourth quarter).

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Cowboys tight end Jason Witten was hit after he caught a pass in the fourth quarter and then lost his helmet–but he kept running fifty-three yards sans helmet to the five yard-line. He suffered a blood nose for his troubles.

2. There was a moment during the second quarter (I think) when the camera cut to John Madden and Al Michaels. Al was talking to John while facing the camera, but John wasn’t paying attention for a few seconds. He was looking to his right (towards offscreen left) and appeared to be lost in thought. So adorable.

For game states, summary, and play by play, click here.

‘Tis the Season: Patriots run through the Colts

It took a while, but the New England Patriots demonstrated to the world that they are athletically and mentally as close to perfect as any NFL head coach or owner could hope for, imagine, or expect. Playing against the Indianapolis Colts (and televised by CBS), the Patriots won 24 to 20.

My head hurts and I’m sad. I’m not a self-identified Colts fan, but I always enjoy watching them play and will more likely than not hope they win. Not only was I unable to watch the Falcons beat the 49ers, but just when it seemed reasonable that the Colts would out-score the Patriots, even if only by three to seven points, it didn’t happen. I need to conserve my cognitive processing for the Cowboys vs. Eagles game tonight.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. The commentators gave a name to a new graphic called the “freeze frame.” It consists of a still taken from an extreme high-angle camera and the software/hardware involved allows a zooming-in to a close-up of specific players and places on the field. It’s like taking surveillance pictures.  Even if you and your camera are quite far from the target, the high-power zoom lens enables you to capture a much closer shot of the person or thing you’re shooting…except that the zooming-in-and-out occurs on the master shot, the widest picture of the field.

2. Peyton Manning is usually the more visibly emotional out of the two quarterbacks. But Tom Brady was revealing frustration at the top of the fourth quarter when the Colts had 20 points and the Patriots were down with 10.

3. If/when Indianapolis and New England play each other in the playoffs, I sure as purgatory hope the Colts win.

For game stats, summary, and play by play, click here.

‘Tis the Season: What the Fox?! Falcons beat the 49ers?!

Why is my local Fox station not televising the Atlanta Falcons vs. San Francisco 49ers game? Hm? Hm? Hm? Qu’est-ce qui ce passe? Nandesuka?

Instead, my local Fox station has on the Green Bay Packers vs. the Kansas City Chiefs game. I don’t mind watching this game at all–I just really wanted to see if the Falcons’ week off improved their game even a modicum amount. I guess I’ll have to refresh the gamecenter page every couple of minutes to get the score. By the way, 49ers running back Maurice Hicks made a touchdown in the first quarter. Falcons haven’t scored yet as of 1:27 east coast time.

OOO!!! But a couple minutes later, the Falcons put seven points on the board, thanks to running back Warrick Dunn. I’ll update this post at half-time.

Edit: It’s half-time in the Falcons vs. 49ers game. Atlanta = 14. San Francisco = 7. Yes, indeed. Falcons fullback Ovie Mughelli made a TD in the second quarter. I’ll update again at the end of the game and write up a very short entry on the Green Bay vs. Kansas City game.

Edit Two: Holy Rusted Metal, Batman.  The Falcons won their second game this season!!  I continued to watch the Green Bay vs. Kansas City game and checked the Atlanta vs. San Francisco game every few minutes for the score.  The Falcons had the lead going into the third quarter, 14 to 7.  The 49ers would get six points from two field goals in the third quarter.  I was so nervous.  They got another field goal in the fourth quarter, but the Falcons got two field goals in the fourth quarter, giving them the win.  20 to 16.  I sure wish I could’ve watched this game.

But, watching the Packers vs. Chiefs game was pretty sweet too.*  Green Bay won the game and made history with the victory–it’s the first time Packers quarterback Brett Favre beat Kansas City, 33 to 22.  Get the game stats, summary, and play by play here.

*The uniformed players look like ketchup and mustard.

Here’s another one.

pic cred: packers.com