‘Tis the Season: the Patriots stack up the Bills

Les Patriots gagnent encore une fois. Big shocker. (read as deadpan humor).

The New England Patriots put fourteen points on the board before the first quarter was half over (courtesy of running back Laurence Maroney and wide receiver Randy Moss) in their game against the he Buffalo Bills. Buffalo wide receiver Roscoe Parrish made a touchdown in the bottom of the first quarter and for a short while, I thought it was at least possible that the Patriots would have to work a bit harder to get first downs and all that sweetness.

That thought was very quickly quashed. By the top of the third quarter, the Patriots put an additional four touchdowns on the board–all due to Randy Moss. Buffalo made a field goal in the bottom of third quarter (the ball bounced off the camera on the crossbeam, making a loud crunch/whack sound). Fullback Kyle Eckel made a TD in the very top of the fourth quarter. Cornerback Ellis Hobbs got six more after recovering a fumbled ball. Patriots 56. Bills 10. And that’s how the game ended.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Bills tight end Kevin Everett, who had sustained a serious spinal injury very early in the season, delivered a taped message at the beginning of the game. He’s been recuperating.

2. Last week I had mentioned the extreme close-up of Al Michaels the camera took. It happened again this week.

3. When the camera cut to the booth (though, I don’t recall for which team) and filmed one of the coordinators with his left hand on his head, John Madden said something like, “now, there’s an Excedrin headache.” Hilarious. Near the middle of the fourth quarter, there was a split-screen with New England head coach Bill Belichick on the left and Buffalo head coach Dick Jauron on the right, and Madden asked Al Michaels, “Did Bill Belichick just yawn?”

4. John Madden also pointed out that he’s always happy to see a graduate of a service academy (Army, Navy, Air Force) play in the NFL. In this case, it’s fullback Kyle Eckel (from Navy) for the Patriots. A couple of minutes after Madden made this comment, Eckel put 6 more points on the scoreboard.

5. Before the game, Madden said that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is “as close to perfect as you can be.” Towards the bottom of the fourth quarter, Madden complimented Brady’s skills. The backup New England qb Matt Cassel was in the game at this point (he went in at 10:57).

For game summary, stats, and play by play, click here.

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