Thanksgiving 2007: Cowboys descend on the Jets

Snow in New Jersey. The Dallas Cowboys played the New York Jets in today’s afternoon Thanksgiving game and gave them a good wallop: Dallas won 34 to 3.

Cowboys running back Marion Barber made the opening drive touchdown (sixty-three yards and eight plays). Cowboys tight end Jason Witten put another TD on the board (in the second quarter). Not long after, Cowboys corner back Terence Newman intercepted a Jets ball and made a TD in the second quarter.

Third quarter brought a Cowboys field goal. The fourth quarter brought a field goal as well as a twenty-two yard TD by Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens. Dallas 34. Jets 3; and that’s how it ended.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Ashanti sang the national anthem in the Dallas vs. Jets game. It was raining at the Meadowlands.

2. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders filmed a short promo piece about Thanksgiving in Dallas. Another clever marketing/PR act: “get to know the Cowboys Cheerleaders; they’re not just eye candy.” They have Barbie Doll versions!

I don’t know about you, but she looks un peu trop maigrit. Nice eyes, though.

3. Kelly Clarkson performed during halftime, a much more atmospherically satisfying piece of spectacle than the Goo Goo Dolls bit from the Packers-Lions game. The Salvation Army was featured here, along with a banner at the end and those familiar shields.

4. Brothers Thomas and Julius Jones played against each other today. Both are running backs; Thomas is a Jet and Julius is a Cowboy.

5. The Skycam was in the house to capture footage of this game.

6. When special teams players take the field and the players from one team try to tackle the ball carrier of the other team, it reminds me of a pack of wolves or hyenas going after prey.

7. At twenty seconds left in the fourth quarter, the camera cut to a Cowboys fan who had drawn a helmet on his head and face. It was pretty neat.

8. The telecast’s ending credits included pictures of the production staff and crew. Also very cool. Now you get to see the people who all play a part in bringing these NFL games to your local CBS station. And no, they aren’t all male.

For game summary, stats, and play by play, click here.

pic cred: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

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