College Football: Navy docks Army

The Army Black Knights vs. the Navy Midshipmen for the 108th time in front of a sell-out crowd at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland. Televised by CBS (for the twelfth year in a row), for both teams, this game is the apex of their school year every year. For seniors, it’s more than likely the last they’ll play football competitively (in an organized, institutionalized fashion). After the four quarters are over, the Midshipmen and the Black Knights take on the responsibility of protecting our country.

Navy beat Army 38 to 3. At the bottom of the first quarter, Navy slot back Zerbin Singleton made a touchdown (the first of the game for either team). In the middle of the second quarter, Army got three points from a field goal. Navy slot back Reggie Campbell followed that play with a ninety-eight yard kick-off return TD. Midshipmen 14. Black Knights 3. After taking possession of a fumbled ball, Navy increased their lead with a TD by slot back Shun White. With one second left on the clock in the second quarter, Navy put a fifty-one yard field goal on the board. Going into halftime, Navy 24. Army still 3.

Third quarter progressed scoreless until about the middle, where Army could’ve have scored a touchdown when fullback Mike Viti leapt towards the end zone (second and goal). Unfortunately, the ball came loose before he hit the turf. Navy recovered the ball. Reggie Campbell made another TD for Navy in the top of the fourth quarter, giving the Midshipmen score of 31. Army still 3. Numerically speaking, one would think one was watching the New England Patriots playing anyone.

After blocking an Army punt, Navy scored another touchdown (thanks to their own quarterback Jarod Bryant). Midshipmen 38. Black Knights 3.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. I do believe that only in the Army-Navy game would stadium attendees and viewers at home be asked to join in prayer before the singing of the national anthem. The Navy chorus, or Sea Chanters, sang the anthem–beautifully done too.

2. Head coach Paul Johnson at Navy has turned the team around. They’ve won the past five games against Army.

3. Navy’s victory today made it in the record books regarding this rivalry–it’s the first time one of the teams has won six times in a row.

For play by play and stats, click here.

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