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‘Tis the Season: Steelers do or don’t the Bengals

I’m not watching the Pittsburgh Steelers play against the Cincinnati Bengals because I’m not feeling very well.

To get the final score, game summary, stats, and play by play, click here.

I didn’t watch the Fox special on BCS Championship line-up either. So, here are a few links for you to find all the pertinent information regarding which colleges will duke it out for bowl victories:

ESPN piece by Gene Wojciechowski

ESPN’s BCS Standings

BCS on Fox news piece

BCS on Fox schedule (scroll down a bit)

The consensus: What the Pho? And, LSU is not going to the Sugar Bowl–they’re going to the BCS Championship Game to play against Ohio State.  Hawaii and UGA will be going to the Sugar Bowl. 

‘Tis the Season: Rams head-butt the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons and the St. Louis Rams on Fox. A good day for the Rams (they won their first home game). Not a good day for the Falcons.

Just passed the top of the first quarter, Rams tight end Randy McMichael gave his team a touchdown (and then he walked towards the stands and handed the ball to a little boy and his father). Towards the bottom of the first quarter, Rams wide receiver Torry Holt made a TD. Rams wide receiver Isaac Bruce got more points for his team with a one-handed catch TD in the bottom of the second quarter. Going into halftime, St. Louis 21, Atlanta 0.

Third quarter brought a field goal for the Falcons and no other points for either team. The fourth quarter began with Chris Redman going in as Falcons quarterback for Joey Harrington. Falcons wide receiver Roddy White made a touchdown but couldn’t hold onto the ball for the second-point conversion attempt. Thus, at the top of the fourth quarter, St. Louis 21. Atlanta 9. Halfway into the fourth quarter, Falcons wide receiver Michael Jenkins made a TD. As the seconds ticked off the clock in the quarter, the Falcons couldn’t get the ball into the end zone for a game-winning touchdown. Rams running back Steven Jackson put a TD on the board. St. Louis 28. Atlanta 16. Final answer.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. A moment of silence was observed before the start of the game for Sean Taylor.

Get game summary, stats, and play by play here.