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Sports Movies News: Will Ferrell goes Big Hair; More on G. Clooney and Pigskin

I went to see The Golden Compass (Chris Weitz, 2007) today. I read the Philip Pullman His Dark Materials trilogy and wanted to see the cinematicizing (not a real word!) of the armored bears. This post won’t be about this film; instead, it will concern two of the previews.

In a previous post from around Halloween, I mentioned reading about a forthcoming George Clooney film about 1920s professional football called Leatherheads. IMDB’s plot synopsis reads as follows:

a romantic comedy set in the world of 1920s football, where the owner of a professional sports team drafts a straight-laced college sensation,” who then must “watch his new coach fall for his fiancee.”

The trailer and ClooneyStudio.Com, however, both indicate that the miracle boy from college doesn’t have a fiancee. In fact, Renee Zellwegger plays a journalist who believes that the new kid on the team might not live up to the hype (misrepresentation of his past and the like).

I am so looking forward to watching this film for reasons that I expressed in my other post.


The other sports film preview that came with The Golden Compass was Semi-Pro (Kent Alterman, 2008). Written by Scot Armstrong, this sports comedy follows Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell), a basketball player-turned coach, who wants his team, the Tropics, to be integrated into the NBA-ABA merger. Genre formula mandates that in order for Jackie to get what he wants, he has to fall very far from grace and prestige. Expect many scatalogical jokes, chest hair, and satirical remarks about the professional sports business.

Here’s the trailer for Semi-Pro.

I haven’t been able to find a trailer for Leatherheads just yet. Please click here for more information about the film.

Don’t forget to watch Sunday afternoon football this week (December 9th). The Patriots go head to head with the Steelers.

Reggie B., Say It Ain’t So~!~

 Knocking from Yahoo Sports.

Bush hit with book

By Jason Cole and Charles Robinson, Yahoo! Sports
December 6, 2007

Nearly two years after Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy, a book detailing improper benefits he allegedly received while playing for the University of Southern California and his relationship with the financiers of a fledgling sports marketing company could further damage his chances of keeping the most prestigious award in college sports.

The book, “Tarnished Heisman” by Don Yaeger and Jim Henry, published by Simon & Schuster, will include transcripts of recorded conversations that contain Bush acknowledging he owed money to the financiers of New Era Sports & Entertainment. Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels of New Era planned to feature Bush as their marquee client to launch their marketing agency. The business failed after Bush sought representation elsewhere.

The book will be released in mid-January.

Meanwhile, the NCAA interviewed three people this week who claim knowledge of the approximately $300,000 in cash and other benefits allegedly given to Bush by Lake and Michaels. The benefits included Bush’s family living rent-free in a new home in a San Diego suburb for one year. Bush also allegedly received money for a car, spending money and had hotel stays paid for. Other allegations include furniture being purchased for the Bush family, travel expenses paid and free dinners provided.

Barbara Gunner and Lisa Lake met with the NCAA on Tuesday and the organization met with Lemuel Campbell on Wednesday. Gunner is the mother of Lloyd Lake. Lisa Lake is Lloyd Lake’s sister. Campbell is Lisa Lake’s ex-husband, who was expected to be an officer in New Era.

Gunner and Lisa Lake spoke to the NCAA about how they helped Lloyd Lake by lending him money to get New Era started. They also discussed their encounters with Bush and his family, including stepfather LaMar Griffin and mother Denise Griffin.

In November, the NCAA interviewed Lloyd Lake, listening to a portion of the recordings he made of conversations between himself, Bush and LaMar Griffin.

Yahoo! Sports, which in April 2006 broke the story of Bush receiving benefits, has also heard a portion of the recorded conversations.


Read the rest of this news piece here.