NFL News: Bobby Petrino gets packing

  Probably better to get on the road before the downpour.


Petrino resigns as Falcons coach, takes Arkansas job

ATLANTA — Bobby Petrino resigned as Atlanta Falcons head coach Tuesday to take the same position with the University of Arkansas, the NFL Network’s Adam Schefter is reporting.

Petrino left Louisville to become Falcons coach in January for a five-year, $24 million contract, largely because Atlanta felt he could help star quarterback Michael Vick reach his full potential.

A few months later, Vick came under investigation for a grisly dogfighting operation that eventually led him to plead guilty to federal charges. He was sentenced Monday to 23 months in prison without ever taking a snap for Petrino.

The Falcons said they would have no further comment on Petrino’s decision until a Wednesday news conference with owner Arthur Blank and general manager Rich McKay.

Just two weeks ago, Petrino said he wasn’t interested in any of the openings at several major college programs, and that he intended to return in 2008 for his second year as coach of the Falcons.

“I haven’t given it one bit of thought,” Petrino said on Nov. 26. “I certainly don’t want to get into any speculation and rumors and having to deal with that. I’m focused on our football team here and focused on playing the Rams this week.”

Petrino assembled one of college football’s highest-scoring offenses at Louisville, but the Falcons were anemic without Vick. They also were plagued by injuries on the offensive line, which forced them to start two players who weren’t even drafted out of college.

Just hours after Vick’s sentencing in Richmond, Va., Atlanta took its fourth straight double-digit loss, 34-14 to the New Orleans Saints.

“Not a good day,” Petrino said afterward.



Read the rest of this turn of events here.

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