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Stunned and Crushed is Arthur Blank

The upper echelons respond.

Blank, McKay talk about Petrino resignation

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — Falcons Owner and CEO Arthur Blank used a visual aid when he spoke with the media Wednesday afternoon about Bobby Petrino’s abrupt resignation as the team’s head coach after just 13 games on the sideline.

The owner, speaking in the team meeting room with President and General Manager Rich McKay, pointed to a list of values hanging on the wall to his right. Petrino had the board installed at the beginning of his tenure. It includes motivational words linked directly to football — four points for four quarters tied together by a one key word at the bottom.


Thumping his hand on the podium with each point, Blank made it clear that Petrino did not “finish” what he started with the Falcons. The owner said the coach showed poor timing in the move and that he assured him as late as Monday afternoon that he would be the coach of the Falcons heading into next season.

“I think the best way to describe it is that we feel betrayed and let down,” Blank said in front of 16 cameras from various news sources and more than two dozen reporters.

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I’m saddened by the way 2007 (as a year and not just a football season) will end for the Falcons.  The chaos that is brewing as a result of Petrino’s departure is only going to intensify.  Moreover, there is the quarterback question.  I’m no talisman of hope and glory; I don’t know any saviors, but I wish I could help reign in the chaos.  The Falcons have fallen a long way down and are in the market for a redemption narrative.  They’re nearly at the point where they don’t have anything left to lose.  Thus, Mr. Blank, if your eyes happen across these words, I’d like to lend a hand (or an ear, photoshopping skills, or a joy of organizing paper and other objects).