‘Tis the Season: Eagles swat the Cowboys

I’m being attacked by a dull-pulse headache, so there won’t be an entry on the New York Giants vs. Washington Redskins game tonight.

The Dallas Cowboys and the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t play pattycake in their game today (on Fox).

The first quarter was scoreless. The second quarter was supposed to give the Cowboys a touchdown at the top of the quarter but Eagles safety Quintin Mikell intercepted the ball at the back of the end zone–it was quite stunning–but I like the Cowboys so I wasn’t cheering or anything–but because he fumbled the ball, Dallas retained possession (running back Marion Barber jumped on it). Soon afterwards, the Cowboys put the first set of numbers on the board with a field goal. Seconds before the second quarter ended, Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown made a TD.

The Cowboys made another field goal in the top of the third quarter. The Eagles widened their lead over Dallas with a field goal in the top of the fourth quarter. Philadelphia 10. Dallas 6. Final score.

Am I upset that Dallas lost? I like them as a team, but I like Kevin Curtis, wide receiver for the Eagles. Il est tres mignon. My head hurts too much to be upset. Maybe surprised is more accurate–but then not that surprised. Many of the Cowboys were playing not 100 or even 90% healthy.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Cowboys safety Roy Williams was flagged for horse-collering Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb towards the bottom of the first quarter. McNabb may or may not still be on the Philadelphia team next season.

2. At the top of the second quarter, after a commercial break, the camera cut to Jessica Simpson wearing a Tony Romo jersey (a pink number 9).

3. After no opportunities to make TDs or catches last week, Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens  was able to do his thing (minus the TD) tonight in the top of the fourth quarter–after the Eagles made the field goal.

4. The Cowboys scored no touchdowns today. Three of Tony Romo’s throws were intercepted, including one in the bottom of the fourth quarter by Eagles safety Brian Dawkins.

5. In order for his team to keep possession of the ball and run the clock out, Eagles running back Brian Westbrook sacrificed a touchdown and downed himself at the one yard line.

For game summary, stats, and play by play, click here.

4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season: Eagles swat the Cowboys

  1. cowboys4ever

    I like your post, yes alot of the cowboys were hurt. I am not a fan of all the people (and its amazing how many thier are) that are saying it some how has to do with Jessica Simpson. The Cowboys had a bad game, so be it. Its also said “On any given Sunday”, which I believe.

    Yes, I would love the Cowboys to have home field thoughout the playoffs, and for this we will have to see. The Packers have an easier schedule, but like I said “Any Given Sunday”.

    Plus it will be fun to see the race now.

    Good Luck Cowboys.
    Tony Romo fan.

  2. sittingpugs Post author

    A sports film would suggest a professional athlete can’t be successful in his game-play and maintain a love interest. He might get his redemption narrative or his final taste of glory, but he matures and then chooses romantic love over the game. But reality would suggest otherwise. How else would one explain the high concentration of NFL players who are younger than i am (26) and who have the wife, 2 kids, half a dog, and five cars package.

    Your comment is much appreciated!

  3. cowboys4ever

    I totally see your point.

    I love the 5 cars package, that is cute. Its just funny, you know the players all bring thier “others” to the games, but you never hear the question…”was your other in the stands today to see your crappy day, oh she was then that must be the reason you played crappy, not the fact that maybe you just had a bad day”.

    I am not sure if I made sense right there..

  4. sittingpugs Post author

    On the other hand, perhaps only a celebrity love interest would screw with an NFL player’s game-play mojo. I believe the majority of these married players’ wives were high school or college sweethearts or introduced via mutual friends/teammates.

    You made complete sense.


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