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Rules and Regulations: Army, Navy, and Air Force

In addition to providing biographical information about the various players and personnel that composed the 1995 teams for Army and Navy and mentioning other factoids about the places and people visited or met, John Feinstein’s Army vs. Navy book necessarily includes information about the schools.

Here’s something that I learned today about the three service academies:

Generally speaking, Navy is considered the most difficult academically because more engineering courses are required and because so many of the classes are extremely technical in their orientation.  Army is considered to be the most difficult militarily: it has the most rules and the less tolerance for breakdowns in military discipline.  At Army they wake up the earliest–formation at 6:25 AM; first class at 7:15–and morning formation is always outside, regardless of the weather.  At Navy, they move inside when the weather turns cold, and formation isn’t until 7 A.M., first class at 7:55.

Air Force’s upperclassmen have carpeting in their rooms and some of them have TV sets.  At Army, no one is allowed to watch television anywhere on the base until they are cows (juniors).  Air Force’s rooms are the most spacious, although Navy’s–which are the smallest of the three–do have small showers. The West Point cadets consider this an extraordinary luxury” (Feinstein 198-199).

Does anyone know if any of those conditions have changed in the decade that Feinstein was researching and publishing this book?

NFL News: Perseverance, ma Friend DH

Losing stinks.  Losing as the result of factors that were probably avoidable or workable doubly stinks.  Falcons cornerback DeAngelo Hall smells something nasty in the woodshed and his corporeality and senses are near the breaking point.

Understandably so.   But, if you leave, DeAngelo, then I’ll never have the opportunity to run into you in the environs of Atlanta and say to you, “Wow…I can’t believe I’m older than you.”

Apparently the Falcons do have something left to lose.

Hall’s promise: ‘I will not be a part of a losing team another year’

Associated Press

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. — If owner Arthur Blank hires a coach whose personality is directly opposite from Bobby Petrino’s, DeAngelo Hall wants to return to the Atlanta Falcons next year.

Otherwise, the two-time Pro Bowl cornerback might demand a trade, though Hall stopped short this week of making a final statement about his future with Atlanta.

“I can’t do this no more,” Hall said. “I won’t do this no more, let me say that. I will not be a part of a losing team another year, no matter what I got to do, no matter who hates me, whatever. I won’t be a part of a losing team again, not if I can help it. “

Hall remains an outspoken critic of Petrino, who resigned last week after just 13 games and left for Arkansas. Despite missing the Pro Bowl team announced this week, Hall insists he’s more upset that the Falcons are in disarray after Blank fired Jim Mora and replaced him with Petrino.

The Falcons (3-11) have a five-game losing streak entering this weekend at Arizona (6-8).

“We went from one extreme of having a coach who played music in practice and a guy you could sit down and have a conversation with to the furthest extreme possible with a coach that don’t even want to look at you in the face,” Hall said. “Walks past you and doesn’t even say anything to you. Never smiled.”

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