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‘Tis the Season: Titans put a shiner on the Colts

Final Sunday Night Football game of the regular 2007 season, featuring the Indianapolis Colts and the Tennessee Titans. Running back Chris Brown of the Titans made the first touchdown of the game near the middle of the first quarter. The Colts get a field goal in the top of the second quarter. The third quarter allowed the Colts to get into the lead with a touchdown by wide receiver Craphonso Thorpe. At the bottom of the third quarter, the Titans’ field goal tied the game 10-10. The Titans broke the tie with a field goal in the middle of the fourth quarter and increased the lead towards the bottom of the quarter also with a field goal. Final score Titans 16 and Colts 10. Tennessee is going to the Playoffs.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. As the teams ran onto the field and Al Michaels started his opening monologue, the cameras caught several glimpses of the fans in the stands, including many little, skinny boys–all Colts fans.

2. Today’s game marked Peyton Manning’s 160th straight quarterback start.

3. John Madden noted towards the bottom of the first quarter (regarding the drive after the Titans recovered a fumbled Colts ball): “with zone blocking, you gotta get good penetration.” During the following Titans kick-off to the Colts, Madden added “at the line of scrimmage, you wanna get good penetration.” Again, easily misinterpreted.

4. Jim Sorgi took over quarterbacking duties for the Colts in the second half of the game.

5. Colts defensive tackle Darrell Reid plowed into the Titans running back Chris Henry. The collision was replayed half a dozen times (in real time and in slow-motion). John Madden even asked something along the lines of “wanna see that again?” after the commercial break.

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‘Tis the Season: Redskins sprinkle-dust the Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys against the Washington Redskins (game on Fox).  It was raining at Fedex Field.  Redskins running back Clinton Portis made the first touchdown of the game just after the halfway point of the first quarter.   At the top of the second quarter, the Redskins put a field goal on the board.  Dallas still no points…until near the bottom of the second quarter.  They made a field goal.  Before going to halftime, Washington made a field goal.

The third quarter progressed to the halfway point and Clinton Portis made a touchdown.  Washington 20 and Dallas 3.  The fourth quarter opened with a touchdown by Redskins wide receiver Santana Moss.   It continued with a Dallas field goal as attempts to get into the end zone and stay there for a completed pass were unsuccessful.   Final score Washington 27. Dallas 6.

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‘Tis the Season: Texans shake, rattle, and roll the Jaguars.

The Houston Texans faced the Jacksonville Jaguars today (game on CBS). Jaguars wide receiver Reggie Williams made the first touchdown of the game in the first quarter.  Jacksonville’s backup quarterback Quinn Gray was in for starting qb David Garrad; two of the starting running backs were taking five on the sidelines too.  Running back Ron Dayne of the Texans tied the game in the top of the second quarter with a TD.  Texans tight end Owen Daniels put a tie-breaking touchdown on the board in the bottom of the second quarter (he leaped up into the air at the back to the end zone, one leg extended out almost at a ninety degree angle to the leg vertical).  Houston 14. Jacksonville 7.  With less than a minute to play in the second quarter, Jaguars wide receiver Ernest Wilford tied the game again with a touchdown.   But wait, Texans wide receiver Andre Davis broke the short-lived tie with a 97-yard kickoff-return TD.

The third quarter began with another Andre Davis kickoff-return TD–104 yards. Ron Dayne increased Houston’s lead some more with a TD halfway through the third quarter.  Texans 35.  Jaguars 14.  In the bottom of the third quarter, Jaguars wide receiver Matt Jones made a TD.   Texans running back Darius Walker put a TD on the board in the top of the fourth quarter.  Ernest Wilford increased his team’s points to 28 with TD in the bottom of the fourth quarter.   Houston finished on top with 42 points.

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In other news, the Atlanta Falcons  beat the Seattle Seahawks 44 to 41.  Je ne le crois pas.  Click here for details.