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Sugar Bowl 2008: UGA dunks Hawaii

I watched most of the first half of the 2008 Sugar Bowl (at the Super Dome in New Orleans and broadcast on Fox) at a friend’s place–the first time I’ve watched a game with people (going to restaurants that have sporting events on their televisions don’t count).


Starring the UGA Bulldogs and the University of Hawaii Warriors, the first quarter took off with two consecutive penalties on Hawaii’s offense (delay of game and a false start).  Immediately afterwards, Warriors defensive back Keenan Jones helmeted (head-butted) Dawgs split end Mikey Henderson (Jones got a penalty for pass interference and Henderson suffered a concussion and had to sit out the rest of the game).   Very shortly thereafter, UGA was flagged for a false start.  All of the above happened just two minutes into the game.

By the end of the first quarter, UGA running back Knowshon Moreno made two touchdowns (including the first one of the entire game) and Hawaii put three points on the board with a field goal.   By the end of the second quarter, UGA had accumulated ten more points from a fifty-two yard field goal and a TD (courtesy of kicker Brandon Coutu and split end Sean Bailey).   Going into halftime UGA 24 and Hawaii 3.

The third quarter began with Warriors quarterback Colt Brennan getting sacked for the sixth time.   After getting sacked a seventh time (following a turnover in which Warriors defensive back Jacob Patek intercepted a UGA Matthew Stafford QB pass), the ball turned loose and Dawgs defensive end Marcus Howard recovered the ball for a TD (he was also the one who drove Brennan to the ground).  At the bottom of the third quarter, UGA tailback Thomas Brown made a TD.   UGA’s lead increased by three points in the top of the fourth quarter.  Dawgs 41 and Warriors 3.  After getting sacked an eighth time, Brennan stepped out of the game and was briefly replaced by backup quarterback Tyler Graunke, who threw a TD pass soon after (ball caught by wide receiver Ryan Grice-Mullen), Final score UGA 41.  Hawaii 10.

Observations & Miscellania:

1.  Hawaii’s uniforms were white tops and bottoms, silver-gray helmets–made me think of spearmint Lifesavers candies.   UGA’s uniforms were black tops, white bottoms, and red helmets–made me think of A1 Steak Sauce.

2. During the pre-game broadcast, there were short clips of the Warriors doing the Ha’a Dance on the field (sans helmet).  Counterpart to the Maori Haka war chant, n’est-ce pas?

3.  Pre-game footage also included a close-up of a man with a bulldog face painted on his head.  My friend’s dad said that this man shows up with at every game, presumably with the same painted head.

4.  The National Anthem was performed by New Orleans locals Bonerama. No singing, just lots of brass instruments.  Drill team members held aloft the American flag.

5. Colt Brennan looks good without a helmet.   There’s this boyish quality to his face; the facial hair makes him look like he needs to be in some kind of band.

6.  There was no blue line of scrimmage graphic.  The yellow 1st and Ten line didn’t appear until after UGA’s first penalty of false start (or thereabouts).

7. After making the first touchdown of the game, Knowshon Moreno blew a kiss to the spectators.

8.  Pac 10 officials were presiding over tonight’s game.

9. The film Jumper was getting two-fold shameless plugs: 1). Direct visual and vocal reference and 2).  Via a “Jumper” graphic that resembles taking a printscreen and then going into a close-up of a point of interest.

With thirty-seconds left in the third quarter, while waiting for booth review verdicts, the camera cut to a few shots of Uga VI sitting atop torn bags of ice.  His tongue made me think of roast beef.

11. One of the commentators remarked after Tyler Graunke threw the TD pass that Colt Brennan probably wished he could’ve done it.  Not long after UGA cornerback Ramarcus Brown returned a kick-off for 89 yards, the camera cut to a medium close-up shot of Brennan sitting on the bench with a towel draped around his head.  He was half-hiding behind the right side of it, visibly disheartened.

12.  A couple of the commentators mentioned the musical acts out of Athens, GA: REM and the B-52s.

13. It was really cool to see such an ethnically diverse crowd attending the game: east Asians, Polynesians, Hawaiians, Samoans.

14.  The DLP skycam looked like a mail box.

Get game summary, stats, and play by play here.


By the by, USC beat Illinois 49 to 17 to snag the Rose Bowl.   The Tostitos Fiesta Bowl is Wednesday night at 7:30 pm (east coast time) on Fox.

Brian Billick is no longer the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens.  His entire staff has also been made redundant.   Read more here.