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8,000 pows!

Yes, to mark the occasion of Sitting Pugs reaching 8,000–thanks to all of you football fans who’ve googled the various Bowl games and NFL play-off games.

This calls for something completely non-sports-related, but still vastly entertaining.

A. The most frequently occurring pose from a model for men’s clothes:

 B.  Quasi-Fanvid I made a while back.

AFC Wildcard Game 2008: Chargers mortalize the Titans

“Mortalize” isn’t a real word.  N’importe.

Qualcomm Stadium in California. The Tennessee Titans trekked southwestward across the country to challenge the San Diego Chargers for a shot at the AFC divisional championship game, and then hopefully the Super Bowl.

The first quarter started with grey skies, precipitation, and a Titans field goal.   The second quarter ended with another Titans field goal.  Going into halftime, Tennessee 6 and San Diego 0.   The third quarter gave the Chargers a modicum amount of hope with a field goal.  Well Hallelujah.  San Diego wide receiver Vincent Jackson made a touchdown in the bottom of the third quarter.  Chargers 10 and Titans 6.  The fourth quarter picked up again in the precipitation.  Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson nearly made a touchdown just before the halfway point in the fourth quarter.    The ball was called dead at the one yard-line; San Diego challenged but the ruling stood (no more time-outs for them).  Tomlinson made another effort, leaped up and over the Titans defensive players and broke the plane with his outstretched hands.  Chargers up to 17.   Tennessee challenged but the ruling stood (they still had one more at that point).  After 3.65 quarters of underwhelming game-play (excepting interceptions), the game ended 17 to 6 in favor of San Diego.  The Chargers are going to the AFC divisional game.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Because this game was on CBS, the blue line of scrimmage graphic was on the field.  After watching a number of football games on Fox, NBC, and CBS within the the last week, I think I’d be content either way if the blue line of scrimmage was nixed next season.

2. “Jackson has San Diego down to the twenty-six yard line–its deepest penetration,” one of the commentators remarked.  Again, easily misinterpreted.

3. Before Vincent Jackson made the TD in the bottom of the third quarter, Titans defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was flagged for unnecessary roughness. He crept beyond the line of scrimmage and pushed Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers to the ground.  I caught it in a slow-motion instant replay from behind the Titans line; it reminded me of something one would see in sixth-grade gym class.

4. Chargers defensive end Luis Castillo did this reverse kick-ball-change step after he  sacked Titans quarterback Vince Young.

Get game summary, stats, and play by play here.

NFC Wildcard 2008: Giants humidify the Buccaneers

The New York Giants cruise south to Florida to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a chance to go to the NFC divisional championship and then the Super Bowl.

Televised on Fox, this second NFC wildcard game concluded its first quarter with a touchdown by Buccaneers running back Ernest Graham.   Just past the top of the second quarter, Giants running back Brandon Jacobs tied the game with a touchdown (and then he pounded the ball against the wall behind the end zone).  He made another TD towards the bottom of the second quarter.   Giants 14 and Buccaneers 7.   Such was the score going into halftime.

The third quarter allowed the Giants to increase their lead with a field goal.  The fourth quarter gave the Giants a touchdown thanks to wide receiver Amani Toomer (as well as rarefied passing and catching precision between New York quarterback Eli Manning and running back Ahmad Bradshaw).   Giants 24 and Buccaneers 7.  Shortly thereafter, Tampa Bay tight end Alex Smith made a touchdown (during the slow-motion instant replay from behind the end zone, the camera zoomed in for a close-up of Smith’s face as he stared and near-scowled down the Giants who tried to tackle him).   Alas, Tampa Bay won’t be going to the NFC divisional game.  Final score: Giants 24.  Buccaneers 14.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. One of the sideline reporters remarked before the game that a few of the Buccaneers mentioned that since this game is the first time this season they will have played in front of nation-wide TV viewers, they’ll want to play well.  And that none of them are going to the Pro-Bowl.

2. I caught a glimpse of the Buccaneers mascot walking along behind the end zone around five minutes left in the first quarter.  His face looked like a Chinese man tou–like someone took cloves of garlic and punched it into the Pillsbury Doughboy.

3.  All the white and red colors of the Buccaneers fans at the stadium reminded me of the Korean futbol fans during the recent World Cup games.

Get game summary, stats, play by play here.