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BCS 2008: LSU Tigers pole-vault over Ohio State Buckeyes

Approximately 80,000 spectators filled the Superdome to watch the Bowl Championship Game 2008 in New Orleans and televised on Fox. The Louisiana State Tigers and the Ohio State Buckeyes squared off for a chance to claim the sweet prize of creme-de-la-creme of college football for the 2007 season.

Ohio State had the first possession of the game and it ended with a sixty-five yard touchdown by running back Chris Wells. They got three more points with a field goal on their next turn. LSU threw three points on the board with a field goal in the bottom of the first quarter. Buckeyes 10 and Tigers 3. LSU tight end Richard Dickson’s touchdown in the top of the second quarter tied the game 10-10 (the ball was in his hands for mere seconds after he got into the end zone because–he tossed it into the air on his second or third step). Ohio was going for a field goal and LSU defensive end Ricky Jean-Francois blocked it and then went after the ball. Thanks to a touchdown by wide receiver Brandon LaFell, LSU took the lead 17 to 10 nearing the middle of the second quarter. LSU continued to shine with an interception by cornerback Chevis Jackson, who then ran to Ohio’s twenty-four yard line. Jacob Hester, fullback for LSU, gave his team a bigger lead with a touchdown nearing the bottom of the second quarter. Going into halftime, Tigers 24 and Buckeyes 10.

The third quarter chugged to around nine minutes and then LSU wide receiver Early Doucet made a touchdown. Tigers 31 and Buckeyes 10. Malcolm Jenkins, cornerback for Ohio, intercepted an LSU pass nearing the bottom of the third quarter. Although Jenkins stepped out of bounds at the eleven, he ran into the end zone anyway. Three plays later, wide receiver Brian Robiskie made a catch in the end zone. Ohio State edged on up to 17 points.

The fourth quarter was scoreless until the bottom when Richard Dickson made his second TD of the evening. With under two minutes left in the fourth quarter, Buckeyes wide receiver Brian Hartline made a touchdown. LSU 38 and Ohio 24, and that would be the final score. Matt Flynn and his Tigers won the BCS Championship 2008.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. The National Anthem was performed by the Preservation Hall Jazz Band of New Orleans and featuring Clint Maedgen. Not sure what to make of it aurally.

2. When the Buckeyes ran out from the tunnel led by the flag bearer, I thought “Canada! Olympics!” for a split second. The red and the white fluttering in the breeze.

3. After LSU got the field goal in the first quarter, one of the commentators remarked that the game finally started resembling football–it had been more like a track meet in the beginning.

4. Chevis Jackson’s interception in the second quarter was a beauty. The pass was headed directly to Buckeyes cornerback Kurt Coleman (I believe), but the ball somehow floated backwards–yes floated–to Jackson.

5. Halftime consisted of each school’s marching bands performing. Ohio State went first. The band members wore black uniforms highlighted with red in key places (hat, shoulder, arm). Oooo..the shapes they made: butterfly! star! an anchor?! The band leader was wearing red and white. Then they spelled something that looked like “I-S-A-P” but I can’t be sure because the letter on the very left (of the screen) didn’t fit completely on screen. LSU’s marching band performed second (after the Allstate Alumni Kicking Challenge). LSU’s color guard performers were clad in these two-piece bathing outfits somewhat reminiscent of the 50s. LSU’s band also spelled a word but I couldn’t tell what it was from the two-seconds-long high angle long shot. I saw an E and an R and maybe a T–in that order from screen left to right.

6. Allstate Alumni Kicking Challenge. Josh Huston (Ohio State alum) went first and successfully kicked the first and third field goals. David Browndyke (LSU alum) went second and successfully kicked once. Ohio State would get $100,000 for its general scholarship fund; $25,000 would go to LSU.

7. Just past the halfway point in the third quarter, on Ohio’s possession, the camera caught a shot of one Brutus Buckeye, Ohio’s mascot, and then cut to a sea of LSU purple–there was a purple Snow White, a purple Batman, and two other purple people eaters. er, I mean, “two other LSU fans head-to-toe in purple).

8 . Did I hear “booing” in the last minute of the third quarter?

9. After LSU safety Curtis Taylor intercepted an Ohio pass in the second half of the fourth quarter, one of the commentators mentioned that the LSU band always plays the theme song from a 50s TV show called “Terry and the Pirates” whenever their football team stops the opponent on third down or makes a turnover.

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