Daily Archives: January 10, 2008

Off Topic: Today’s Verse 3

The first two lines came to me while I was consuming caffeine over the holidays, but I didn’t know how to get beyond the first stanza until tonight.

disquieting fellow

Love me like you love
that sphere of skin
encased by determination
and when lucky
spiral domination
wet chalk ground

Keep me closer
than that wall
your skull
that won’t crack
when you plunge into soft ground,
flood lights arched above
like lighthouses

that keep you warm
like that sphere of skin
when tucked under your arm,
clutched to your heart,
kicked to the dirt,
you follow me
like you chase that skin
of leather, sinking
faster into your calm

Love me like you love
that sphere of skin
leading you to a blaze of idols
in me you have
a comfort, sole

-yiqi 10 jan 08 7:40pm

Originally posted here.