It’s Just the Way She Moves…

…to be prim and proper.

Edit: Click here for my entry on the film.

Or, How She Move. Directed by Ian Iqbal Rashid and written by Annmarie Morais, this dance film can be most conveniently described as a gender-reversal of Stomp the Yard, minus the near exclusive focus on stepping. Mais, je crois que cette pensee est trop…facile? sans l’inspiration.

Sorry. There I go thinking out loud en Francais again.

….I believe this idea is too easy, uninspired. How She Move surely can’t be summed up so neatly as “the female version of Stomp the Yard” not just because the plot details aren’t that similar, but also because I imagine aside from the ideologically significant role that dancing plays in the characters’ lives, other issues are at play. In fact, maybe it’s the film’s visual design and lighting scheme, but something about the trailer makes me think of Girlfight (Karyn Kusama, 2000)—probably on account of the de-feminizing of dancing in the one film complements the manipulated masculinity of the other.


I’ll know with more certainty after I watch How She Move later today. The poster makes me think of Blaxploitation promotional pieces in the scent of Pam Grier.

Here’s the trailer for How She Move.

Here’s the trailer for Girlfight.

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