Daily Archives: January 27, 2008

Off Topic: Today’s Verse 5

I actually wrote it a couple days ago but didn’t transcribe it until tonight. I was also going to watch the fourth Rambo film during the weekend, but I had to re-schedule that to I don’t know when. Possibly Tuesday afternoon. My brain isn’t all there to write up my thoughts on How She Move tonight (I’m still trying to collect and organize my ideas).   Et puis, ne personne me dit qu’il/elle voudrait que j’ecris mes pensees toute de suite. Alors, je vous donne cette:

He raced across an azure
wall mount
feeding directly
the teetering strands
of my rushing count
we lunged into the night
he, spicing down chicken
I, mincing parsley

He talked of last minute
the record book doesn’t hold—
He added twenty laps
of boating
to each county mile

He accepted no daze
for the golden pass of the season
Branded to a four corner
cradle, always three
All-American plates
to out-do mine

For a time
and then he jumps beats
for a reeling,
long while

–yiqi 25 jan 5:05pm