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NBA News: Yao Ming, Zheng de Hao Yao Ming

or “Yao Ming, Dayam”

From Yahoo Sports:

Houston’s Yao Ming out for season with stress fracture in left foot

By KRISTIE RIEKEN, AP Sports Writer 2 hours, 40 minutes ago

HOUSTON (AP)—All-Star center Yao Ming is out for the season with a stress fracture in his left foot, a stunning blow to the surging Houston Rockets.

General manager Daryl Morey made the announcement Tuesday, hours before the Rockets put their 12-game winning streak on the line against the Washington Wizards.

Yao was having a terrific season, averaging 22 points and 10.8 rebounds per game.

“It is not an injury we feel he can play with,” Rockets team doctor Tom Clanton said. “I’ve made the recommendation that it be treated surgically and we are working with him to get other opinions just to be certain that that is indeed what should be done.”

If Yao chooses surgery, Clanton said, it would involve placing screws across the bone to hold it together. The second option would be to treat it with a cast and crutches. Both options involve a healing time of about four months.

Read the rest of the article here.

Here’s Yao Ming’s name written in Chinese.

From left to right, it says “yao ming,” “yao” is his last name. His name is pronounced with an upward inflection as if to say, “huhn?” There’s also a phrase in Chinese, “yao ming” (with the voice inflected downward as in a firm “no!”), which means “dayam” or “unbelievable.” It’s also written differently:

NFL News: Mike Smith mic’s it up

…you know, for a press conference.

INDIANAPOLIS — Appearing before the national media for the first time as Falcons Head Coach, Mike Smith went through a press conference covering everything from his theories on defense to what the Falcons plan to do in the NFL Draft.

Smith didn’t reveal any hard-hitting strategy, but he also made no attempt to hide the importance of Friday’s coin toss that awarded Atlanta the third overall pick in April’s Draft and the options it presents for team building.

Thomas (Dimitroff) did a great job on the coin flip yesterday so we got our first win,” Smith said. “Picking at No. 3 is big for us because I know we’re going to get an outstanding football player at that spot. It also opens up a number of different avenues for us in terms of how we want to pursue this.”

The Falcons have a plethora of options with a top three pick, but most of the chatter this Combine week has centered around the quarterback position, especially after Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan made comments complimenting the franchise and saying he thinks he could help teams at the top of the Draft.

“It’s exciting for me,” he said. “I think a lot of teams might be looking at quarterback and Atlanta may be one of them.

“I think I’d be a good fit.”

Smith had not heard the comments, nor has he gone into detail scouting Ryan as a player. He did say the team plans to meet with Ryan before the end of the weekend.

To read the rest of the article, click here.

NFL Noise: What’s a Little Collusion to You? and some MLB paychecking

Something I stumbled upon while browsing

NFL, union on course for work stoppage in 2011

Posted: February 21, 2008

For the first time in 15 years, NFL Players Association officials have uttered the “C” word — collusion. It asserts league owners are trying to frustrate free-agency rights granted by the landmark collective bargaining agreement of 1993 and threatens to disrupt a decade and a half of labor peace in the NFL.

Here’s the broader question: Is this a fundamental change in the league’s labor-management relationship?

For years, media members and fans suspected things were a bit too cozy between the NFL’s top officials and leaders of the players’ union. In 2006, broadcaster Bryant Gumbel gave the following advice to Roger Goodell, who was about to become commissioner:

“By making the docile head of the players’ union his personal pet, (former commissioner Paul Tagliabue) has kept the peace without giving players the kind of guarantees other pros take for granted. Try to make sure no one competent ever replaces Upshaw on your watch.”

The comment, made during HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, spelled trouble for Gumbel, who was about to become lead announcer on NFL Network games.

In hindsight, it can be concluded that union president Gene Upshaw fleeced Tagliabue during the 2006 negotiations on the collective bargaining agreement. Upshaw secured for the players nearly 60 percent of the league’s “total football revenue.” He also won a long list of player-friendly changes to the non-economic portion of the rules as part of a take-it-or-leave-it proposal.

“Total football revenue” includes the NFL’s primary cash sources — television money and ticket sales, plus local radio and television income, stadium revenue and lesser revenue streams. The union got that cash pool in place of one called designated gross revenue, which was based on TV and ticket money.

The accord won big; owners ratified the CBA 30-2.


Read the rest of Mike Florio’s article here.

To read about Major League Baseball players’ salaries, click here.

Hey Man, Nice Save; Falcons Take to Higher Learning

Not sports-related, but this news item is too cool to pass up–and it could save your life.

DVD in firefighter’s coat blocks bullet

Tue Feb 19, 11:05 PM ET

Associated Press

WALTERBORO, S.C. – A South Carolina man is thankful for a DVD that ended up taking a bullet for him. Colleton County Fire and Rescue Director Barry McRoy says he was leaving a Waffle House restaurant in Walterboro on Saturday morning when two men ran in fighting over a gun. Police say a bullet hit one of the struggling men, shattered a window and then hit McRoy.

The bullet hit a DVD McRoy was carrying in his pocket. He suffered a bruise but didn’t realize he had been shot. As he told a police officer what happened he noticed a bullet hole in his jacket, the shattered DVD case and a piece of the bullet.

“I was saved by a DVD,” McRoy says. “How lucky can you get?”

One man was arrested on assault and battery and gun charges.

The DVD was nicked. It was a gift from an employee who had recorded a TV show about fire extinguishers.

Source: Yahoo news.

Not only do calculators and padded wallets have life-saving properties (from bullets that clearly aren’t designed to blast through all matter and cause heads to explode), but DVDs too. The guys at Mythbusters should do a show, eh? It could be called “Items You Need On Your Person at All Times In Case You Get Shot Or Become the Unwitting Victim to Bullet Ricochet.”  There wouldn’t be a myth to bust, but there could be a fact to clarify.  Using pig carcasses or gelatin dummies, the show’s hosts would address/test types of guns, bullets, distance between shooter and victim.  They’d explain whether or not a ricocheted bullet is likely to break your skin.  I wonder if an Ipod or cell phone–and which brands–would be an effective shield.

Are you wondering what I’m wondering? Was it a DVD-R, RW, +, – or +-?

Speaking of DVDs, in case you hadn’t already heard, Netflix is going with Blu-Ray. Wal-Mart is too. Best Buy has been as well. Toshiba is halting the presses on HD.

And in some NFL news, a few Atlanta Falcons players are getting some practical, real-world education from Harvard Business school. Read all about it here.