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Super Bowl XLII: Avant & Apres

Before & After. What a difference a week makes.

The February 4, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated magazine was on the newsstands the previous week, before the Super Bowl.  The cover story (written by Peter King) asked, “Can the Giants Get to Brady?

As the nation and NFL fans the world over witnessed on February third, indeed, they can.  They did.

The February 11, 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated hit the stands this week, after the Super Bowl.  The text on the cover was no longer a question.  Instead, it became a statement (made by Tim Layden): “What a Catch, What an Upset.”

Also of note in the Feb. 11 issue is a photograph taken by Bob Rosato that appears in the first few pages (after the ads and table of contents) and is probably one that Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress would like framed.

Rosato must’ve been standing just outside the end zone on the Patriots’ side of the field (click here for a bigger version).  Not only is this photo a record of an irreplaceable experience about to happen, but everything about, in, and of the image is quite moving.  It inspires awe, joy, and even sadness–for me at any rate.  When I first saw it at the bookstore, I stood there for several seconds, my eyes unable to turn away.  Specifically, I couldn’t get over New England cornerback Ellis Hobbs’s expression.  It cries shock, horror, and grief all mixed.

You can’t really tell from here, but if you pick up a copy of the actual magazine and examine his face, you’ll see what I mean.

I was also intrigued by the stances of the other players (twelve of which are fully visible, two are obscured).   Only two of them (on the far left) are unquestionably standing still.  The rest of the Giants and Patriots (not counting New England linebacker Junior Seau on the ground) the  in the photo still approaching the end zone with complete “surprise” etched across their auras.

And look, the skycam makes it inside the camera’s lens.

For all of you who, like me, do not have cable (and thus, can’t watch ESPN or NFL Network in the off-season for pigskin fixes), don’t miss the last hurrah for the time being.  2008 Pro-Bowl tomorrow on Fox (4:30pm east coast time).

pix creds: Sports Illustrated