GQ Taiwan on USC Trojans

I was at Chinatown on Sunday and saw the April 2008 (issue 139) of GQ Taiwan.


I flipped through and saw an article in the Travel section called “25 Reasons to Go to L.A.

Numbers 1 through 11 are:
1. Mulholland Drive
2. Venice Beach
3. Hollywood Forever Cemetery
4. Hotel Bel Air
5. The Getty Center
6. Sushi Roku
7. Santa Monica Farmer’s Market
8. Hollyhock House
9. Walt Disney Concert Hall
10. Mel’s Drive-In Diner
11. Le Montrose

Numbers 13 to 15 are:

13. Sprinkles
14. Rose Bowl Flea Market
15. Moonshadows
16. Griffith Park
17. Cut Steakhouse
18. Sunset Tower Hotel
19. Kinara Spa
20. Broad Contemporary Art Museum
21. Pacific Design Center
22. Geisha House Restaurant
23. The Grove
24. Shade Hotel
25. Shopanista

And numero 12?

The USC Trojans.

Here is the text in close-up:

Translated by yours truly:
American-style college football is a tremendously popular sport in the United States.  And, among all of American college football divisions, nobody can beat the Trojans in implementing an iron will as a team.  Their home field was built in the 1920s as the Coliseum stadium.  Two Olympic games and two Super Bowls have been held here.  Moreover, the Trojans often attract nearly 100,000 spectators’ enthusiastic cheering.  Find any Saturday afternoon, come here and experience a little bit of ancient Roman sports arena, leaving you seething with excitement at the American-styled football.  You’ll understand why Beckham wants to make these devoted Trojan fans switch to supporting the kind of football played by kicking, and why it’s an impossible mission.

The reason that I put this entry up today as opposed to later in the week is because my new glasses arrived.  Here are the specs I had for the past four years:

Here are my new ones, yes plural (two different styles):

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