Sitting Pugs Update: Presque, Presque

Sitting Pugs will be celebrating its one year of existence on June Seventh.  I had fully planned to include a gondola-full of entries on sports movies.  Alas, poor Yorick, I’ve had to go back to the optometrist to get my left eye re-tested.  I had to return one set of frames too–they weren’t comfortable.  I exchanged them for this pair.

I’m keeping these, though.  Once the new pair arrives and the left eye isn’t dodgy like it has been, I’m getting the others fitted with a new left lens.

I’ll have to wait until I get my new spectacles before I plow through the following visual texts:

These two films I’ve seen but not analyzed in great detail (out loud or on paper):

I will continue to update my blog with news items and other random bits of feats and treats, but there won’t be any film deconstructions until I get my new, new glasses.

One thought on “Sitting Pugs Update: Presque, Presque

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