GS Rogers on Chris Redman

That’s Ginger ‘Soybean’ Rogers, the mascot for Sitting Pugs, on Atlanta Falcons quarterback Chris Redman.

A couple of weeks ago, the rookies graced us with their presence at Perimeter Mall. Today, five of the veterans did the same. Linebacker Keith Brooking was supposed to be in the house as well, but he was unable to be present (for some inexplicable reason).

Click here for another group picture.


From start to finish:

Click here for the color version.

Click here for the full picture.

In order that the ball was signed:

1. Safety Erik Coleman drew me a smiley face.

2. I asked Chris Redman to draw me a farm animal; he came up with a chicken head. It’s very appropriate because my Chinese zodiac is a Monkey-arse Cock-head.

3. Wide receiver Laurent Robinson’s favorite brand of car is Infiniti.

4. Cornerback Von Hutchins’s favorite color is red.

5. Fullback Corey McIntyre’s favorite dessert is strawberry cheesecake.

Click here, here, and here for close-ups of Chris Redman’s artistic abilities.

I wish the Falcons a prosperous season.

3 thoughts on “GS Rogers on Chris Redman

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