Off Topic: Unexplained Stains

I don’t wear my faith on my sleeve or leave clues of it where I tread.

I don’t pray before I eat, only occasionally before I go to sleep.

My belief in ascending powers is not funneled through scripture or community worship. But I certainly subscribe to the notion that unseen forces (excluding wind, atmospheric pressure, gravity, centripetal force, centrifugal force, and the like) exist because otherwise I would have spun out from this narrative ages ago.

Moreover, Irony reminds me of her existence on a daily basis.

I also believe that many things happen for an intentional or choreographed reason–some things happen for rather tedious and anti-climactic or even cruel reasons. Every now and then, I’m reminded that what happens now must happen in order to work in concert with something later. Today is a good example.


I got into my car at about 12:40 pm, was heading out to San Francisco Coffee Company in Virginia Highlands for a couple hours before going to Tara to watch Brideshead Revisited (Julian Jarrod, 2008). I backed out of the garage, put the car in drive, and flicked on the windshield wipers because there was an unidentifiable stain on the window (it looked like bird feces that had been hastily but incompletely cleaned). The blades wiped not three or four times and the one on the driver side snapped off.

I thought “oh great….I’m going to have to get this fixed.” My “schedule” would of course be interrupted, but I didn’t mind; I knew i had to get it fixed because I was certain I was going to forget about the blade and hit the wipe lever.

I took the car to Toyota; it only took about twelve minutes. I bought new blades, and one of the employees snapped them back on. I had them both replaced. Aside from the heat and the enormous amount of sweat (at one point, i had to pour some water down my back for some relief before the car AC was sufficiently cold). After the film, I went to the Niketown at Phipps.

Dark storm clouds were brewing. While I never drove through enough precipitation to warrant use of windshield wipers, it felt vaguely bizarre…that I should need to get new ones today. I’m guessing it was just a matter of thirty minutes…where I could’ve found myself in torrential rains and had a blade break off in traffic, which wouldn’t have been good.


In closing, do you like beer? Do you like the Brick Store? If so, click here.

4 thoughts on “Off Topic: Unexplained Stains

  1. C.A.Margonper

    Now, that’s what a I call a weird coincidence. Some unseen force is definetly looking over for you. 🙂

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  3. newme

    Isn’t some force lookin after all of us. I read this somewhere:
    God is like a 24/7 radio station. You just need to tune your heart to the right frequency, to listen to him.

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