Off Topic: Sweet Sorghum petals

I had lunch with co-workers today at a restaurant that I had been to before about three years ago. My first experience there–dinner with my mom–was not as lovely as my second experience today. Literally the second thing I saw when I stepped inside (the first was a Lost-then-Found Matthew Foxish host) was a face I’ve seen many times over the years on the small and big screen. She was in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married? (2007).

Her long hair was in braids, the front portions folded and pinned at the back of her head. If my recall is correct, she was wearing an off-white, cream colored outfit. I don’t know if it was a dress or not. She was sitting alone (but was later joined by someone) and looked absolutely radiant.

I reviewed it for Film Threat when it came out in theatres last year.


The food was good–the appetizer was particularly tasty. Better than the kind I’ve had at upscale-ish American restaurants and tapas joints. The restaurant looks much better during the day than at night; the mise-en-scene is more inviting. In the evening, it’s no different than any other dress-appropriately eatery.

In addition to the Matthew Foxy host, there was a manager (I’m guessing) who bore a resemblance to Christopher Cousins and Cary Grant. He had very good posture.

I also saw a man that could’ve been Desmond Tutu’s twin.  Ironically, he sat at the same table that the aforementioned woman sat.

2 thoughts on “Off Topic: Sweet Sorghum petals

  1. Poetblue

    It could have been Archibishop Tutu, he has some sort of affiliation with Emory. Was he wearing a collar or just normal clothes?


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