Pre-S 08: Eagles pb-and-J the Panthers

“Well, I do declare,” as Scarlett O’Hara would begin.

I might have to consider myself a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles now.

The Carolina Panthers came into their town on Thursday night.  Broadcast on Fox, the second 2008 pre-season game for both teams was interrupted by inclement weather in the bottom of the first quarter.  Neither team had scored with five minutes left on the clock.  It would be about an hour before the Carolina and Philadelphia would be able to get back onto the field.

Donovan McNabb quarterbacked for the first two quarters for the Eagles; Kevin Kolb took over in the third and fourth quarters.  Jake Delhomme was quarterback for the Panthers for the first half of the game; Matt Moore stepped in for the second half.

After the weather had moved sufficiently south, the game continued (and so did the rain).  By the bottom of the first quarter, Panthers cornerback Richard Marshall intercepted a pretend Eagles field goal.  He ran seventy-eight yards into the end zone.  Carolina 7 and Philadelphia 0.  The second quarter brought three more points for the Panthers (John Kasay was the kicker).

Nobody scored in the third quarter (but Kolb did throw an interception to Panthers cornerback Dante Wesley that was meant for Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson).  The fourth quarter was more eventful.

Un: Panthers 10-0 lead went to 13-0 with a field goal halfway through the quarter.

Deux: Kolb threw a thirty-three yard TD to wide receiver Greg Lewis Richmond McGee kicked the extra point.  After their next possession, around six minutes on the clock, McGee kicked a field goal.  Panthers 13 but Eagles 10.

Trois: In the bottom of the fourth quarter, holy candied yams, Eagles running back Toby Hunt made a fifty-one yard TD.  Mere moments later, Eagles linebacker Justin Roland intercepted Matt Moore’s pass to Panthers running back Decori Birmingham.  Seventy-four yards and one end zone later, the Eagles would win the game 24 to 13.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Eagles wide receiver Kevin Curtis (the reason I started paying attention to Philly last season) is still as ridiculously attractive as ever.  His hair has grown out a few inches.

2. Fox has televised NFL games for fifteen years. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman provided voice-over narration.  The 1st and Ten line and yard/down graphic were on screen.

3. Terry McAulay was the referee.

4. Eagles wide receiver Reggie Brown was out of the game very early one due to a left hamstrings situation.

5. Panthers wide receiver Steve Smith is suspended for the first two regular 2008 season games.

6. Jeremy Shockey is now a Saint.

7. Asante Samuel is now an Eagle.

8. Michael Strahan and Brian Billick will be commentating for Fox.

9. By the end of the second quarter, Panthers guard Keydrick Vincent had a hole (the sizie of a fist) in the back of his pants.

10. Donovan McNabb’s eyes are very expressive.  He may be smiling with his mouth, but his eyes could convey a totally different sentiment.

11. “Kolb” is pronounced “cobb” not “kohl-b.”

Click here for game summary, stats, and play-by-play.

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