Pre-S 08: Colts dirt by the Falcons

The Indianapolis Colts play the Atlanta Falcons at a newly renovated Georgia Dome. While the Falcons’ defense was able to stand its ground, offensive jitterbugs and a special teams faux pas allowed Indianapolis to beat Atlanta 16 to 9.

Joey Harrington, Matt Ryan, Chris Redman, and D.J. Shockley all put in quarterback time for the Falcons.

Jim Sorgi, Quinn Gray, and Jared Lorenzen helmed the offensive game for the Colts.

The Falcons began with swiftness and self-assurance, keeping the Colts down for nearly two whole quarters. Atlanta’s nine-point tally resulted from three field goals made by Jason Elam (two in the first quarter and one in the third quarter). Indianapolis’s 16 points came from a sixty-seven yard interception run into the end zone in the bottom of the second quarter when Colts defensive back Kelvin Hayden made a touchdown (the only TD of the evening) and three field goals (one each in the second, third, and fourth quarters). Adam Vinatieri kicked in the second quarter; Adam Crossett did it in the third and fourth quarters.

Even though Atlanta didn’t win, it was pretty awesome to see wide receivers Harry Douglas and Laurent Robinson demonstrating their skills. When I told a friend of mine that I got the rookies to autograph a towel, she asked me which interaction was my favorite. I told her the one I had with Harry Douglas.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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2 thoughts on “Pre-S 08: Colts dirt by the Falcons

  1. brad bobo

    I think Jason Elam may be the most important off-season acquisition. He is going to keep us close in games we wouldn’t be otherwise. Reminds me a lot of when Dan Reeves took over the Falcons and went about revamping the offense. He went out and got Morton Anderson.


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