Ohio State Buckeyes, bring in the funk bring in the noise

A trip down most-popular-videos-lane brought me to a small concoction that the Ohio State football team watched as it prepared for the 2008 season.

Consisting of drills, game-play, weight room activity, and cardio exercise footage, this video reveals glimmers of football preparation that I’d probably only see on the NFL Network. I’m talking about footwork.





Even when the feet (and legs) are off-screen, the agility and marvel of the movement are delicate (for lack of a better word) in a manner that I’d previously not associated with football. I knew there was grace, artistic value kinesthetically–just not to this level of awareness. Successful drives are comprised of successful plays, which rely upon completed passes. Building good chemistry between the players is essential, of course, but so is the jack-be-nimble-and-quick quality of each player. Heart and technique are both musts. The drills on the sand and grassy knoll make me think of Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre.

Unless one of the persons from OSU’s athletic video department finds his or her way here to shed some light on the matter, I’ve no way of knowing what was and was not deliberate and planned.  At any rate, the juxtaposition of the different segments is consistent in pacing. Even if it isn’t intentional, I like the implication that football players do more than grrr and argh and wear spandex. Strength training is crucial as is speed, but one mustn’t forget the nuances of bodies moving through space.

This/that is why I like football. And, the grr and argh.

The LSU video from 2006 makes me think of a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit video for some reason; it clearly focuses on the animalistic, brute strength aspect of the game. The human body as an instrument of destruction and harnessed energy.

The Georgia Tech video from 2007 is probably more like OSU’s than LSU’s, but it’s more ‘informational’ than ideological. Systematic rather than aesthetic.

And another thing:

Don’t forget to squeeze your rear-end muscles.

Or your 80s music and slow-motion instant replay. I could not stop laughing when this thing started.

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