NFL News: You’re My Joan of Dim hallways

Oh the glorious rain…so welcomed, reiterating the bizarre reality of the persistence of drivers that don’t turn their lights on when it not only rains but rains while it’s still dark outside.

Not that I saw any this morning, but I did see a few yesterday.  I love those mornings that are dark enough to make you think you’re driving at night.  Then when the sun comes out a bit, you can still think it’s evening.  Driving into the parking deck at this time of morning, and walking down the hallway at work (when the lights are off), the mise-en-scene is surreal.  A little bit spooky, a little bit exciting; it reminds me of being in fifth grade with the lights off and instead of being gathered around the teacher like everyone else, you and your friend are in another corner playing with the blue kickball.

For the NFL News portion of our program:

Hey, Mr. MR. Mister Mister.  Will you be at the head of my single-file line?

A speedy recovery to Mr. KC.

I would donate a dozen canned goods to charity to see TO and gang do a 4×100.

The pool is on at Mendenhall.

Update on Texans wide receiver Harry Williams’s condition.

And a bonus:

Pictionary, aka Well Here’s What I Would’ve Drawn.

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