Daily Archives: September 9, 2008

Laurent R.-WR, #19

Laurent Robinson. Wide receiver for the Atlanta Falcons. Number 19.

I saw him face-to-face for the first time a few months ago at a fan signing.


Today would be the second time.

I went to Lenox Mall after work to take a walk and to get some new photos taken.  The pictures were snapped at arguably the best temperature-controlled store in the entire mall (always cool!).  After I stepped out of the store (on the upper level), I noticed a group of people come up the escalator.  One white T-shirted, beige cargo pants’ed Laurent Robinson.  I was within three feet of him when he and his compadres reached the top of the escalator.  As I realized who was standing before me, he looked at me for at least twelve seconds.  He smiled at me.  Before I could get the words, “I’ve seen you before,” out of my mouth, he and his troupe were walking inland.  I maintained a respectful distance but kept looking in their direction.  When they were at least two store-lengths away, Laurent looked back in my direction and smiled again.

The expression that I wore was part awe and part “I know who you are.”  Laurent’s expression suggested more “she recognizes me” rather than “I’ve seen her before.”

Moreover, Falcons pins are finally restocked.  I lost my pin a couple months ago and haven’t felt whole since.  The last time I lost and had to replace a pin was roughly a year ago.  I purchased three (two backups!) before I left the mall.

And now for the photographs:

Click here for a more lavender version.


Now for some cool stuff.  The first two pix shall compare and contrast same location two years apart.


Can you guess what’s wrong with this picture: Here’s a hint.

Lastly, here I am with my numero uno adolescent crush, Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Here we are desaturated.



On a related note, I saw Vernon Jones last Saturday in the upper level Neiman Marcus corridor, in the vicinity of the Diesel store.