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NFL 08: Buccaneers corner the Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons rollerblade south to stare down the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Televised by Fox, the first quarter was kinder to Tampa Bay with a touchdown by tight-end John Gilmore (pass thrown by Brian Griese). Around the top of the second quarter, running back Warrick Dunn got the ball into the end zone. Tampa Bay 14 and Atlanta 0. By the time Atlanta got the ball again, the Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan threw a second interception (the first one was in the first quarter). Tampa Bay added three more smackers with a field goal. 17-0. Just before halftime, Atlanta had an opportunity to put a TD up on the board, but Tampa Bay’s defense wasn’t going to have it. Jason Elam gave the Falcons a much-needed ego boost, though, with a field goal. Tampa Bay 17. Falcons 3.

The third quarter ended with what could’ve been a touchdown by Atlanta (thanks to catches by wide receivers Laurent Robinson and Harry Douglas and fullback Ovie Mughelli), but that became a field goal. Buccaneers 17. Falcons 6. Another trip down the field for Atlanta yielded not a TD but a field goal. Falcons now up to 9. Buccaneers running back Ernest Graham then ran sixty-eight yards into the end zone. Final score. 24 to 9.

No cupcakes today.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Tiger Woods was watching this game from the sidelines.

2. I’m not invested in the numbers of football game-play, but Matt Ryan’s numbers were unsightly through much of the first half of the game. Whenever the camera would spot him in medium close-up just prior to the snap, his face radiated a mixture of disbelief, mild panic, anticipation, and guilt.

3. When I was watching the Colts eventually beat the Vikings, CBS aired several promo spots for their new fall show The Mentalist. The idea behind the show seems interesting, but after one of the ads where Simon Baker notices various visual attributes of a few people and then comments on what he makes of them. The two that stick out to me the most were the suit-and-tie grasping a newspaper and the middle-aged blonde wearing jeans, a pink shirt, and sunglasses. Baker calls the suit-and-tie a gambling addict because of how he’s holding the newspaper; the woman is a victim of domestic abuse because she has a bruise on the side of her left eye. Hmmmm.

Why couldn’t the suit-and-tie is nervous about something else? Why couldn’t the woman’s bruise be from boxing? Or a catfight with a PTA mom? or really rough sex? Is this mentalist character simply reiterating assumptions that shouldn’t be made? A man who got a pedicure might just be vain (rather than gay, as one of the promos suggests).

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NFL 08 with Righteous Burn: Colts drizzle on the Vikings

I don’t remember who said it, but back in the mid-90s, I heard that the bank robbery scene in Michael Mann’s incredibly executed crime-drama Heat (1995) was the best bank-robbing sequence ever–and so I watched it and I agreed. Al Pacino and Robert De Niro delivered engrossing performances as characters on either side of the law.


When I first saw previews for Righteous Kill (Jon Avnet, 200eight) about a month ago, I knew I had to watch it. Pacino and De Niro together again? Of course!

I also reviewed it for Film Threat. You can read it here.

The product placement and branding consisted of: 50 cent, Budweiser, flat screen TV (plasma or LCDJohn Leguizamo and Donnie Wahlberg are at a crime scene debating whether or not the TV on the wall is plasma or LCD), iMAC (50 cent uses one), Dell (the cops all use them), New York Mets (verbal mention), 406 Ted Williams (verbal mention), Heinz ketchup, Aquafina, Bee Movie (atop a taxicab), Bud Light, O’Douls, Verizon (logo atop a building), Gibson guitars, Pepsi.

According to IMDB, the filmmakers rented Nextel cellphones from Rockbottom Rentals.


I also watched the Coen Brothers’ new film Burn After Reading (200eight). I loved it. My favorite Brad Pitt performance to date. The product placement and branding included: Dell, Claire Danes (on the poster of a fake movie), Jamba Juice (the store, the cup, verbal mention), Ford, Chevy, Lexus, Tropicana orange juice, Windows XP, Mac or PC (verbal mention by the Russian cultural attache), and gray Motorazr.


The Indianapolis Colts canoed over to the Metrodome to thumb-war with the Minnesota Vikings. Broadcast on CBS, the first half spelled discouragement for the Colts. The Minnesota kept Indianapolis scoreless 9 to 0. The second half didn’t bring much sunshine to the Colts. The Vikings earned two more field goals by the end of the third quarter.

Holy seltzer water! Colts quarterback Peyton Manning threw to wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez, who ran fifty-eight yards and then tossed the ball to wide receiver Reggie Wayne for a touchdown? Minnesota challenged if Gonzalez threw the ball to Wayne in time and if Wayne reached the end zone. From the televised replays, Wayne didn’t break the plane before his knee touched the turf. The referee ruled the ball down at first and goal. Manning tried twice to get the ball into the end zone but to no avail. On the third attempt, running back Joseph Addai went for it but Minnesota threw down another red flag–did Addai really get the ball to the desired location? The referee did not overturn the call. So, Vikings 15 and Colts 7.

The fourth quarter nearly deepened the Colts’ frowns even more. Defensive end Dwight Freeney and defensive tackle Keyunta Dawson snipped the ball from the Vikings only to lead to a missed field goal by Adam Vinatieri from thirty yards. Fortunately for Indianapolis, Minnesota’s next field goal attempt by Ryan Longwell didn’t hit the spot. A Reggie Wayne TD and a two-point conversion catch by running back Dominic Rhodes tied the game 15 to 15. Vinatieri wouldn’t make that miss again. Bottom of the fourth quarter, field goal good. Colts win it 18 to 15.

Interceptions, balls punted away, and tight-end Dallas Clark and center Jeff Saturday unable to play. I flipped on CBS at the bottom of the first quarter (one minute or so on the clock). Minnesota’s offense was on the field. The camera was honed in on Peyton Manning sitting on the sidelines in close-up. He looked dazed, confused, and very morose. Here’s hoping Manning can go to sleep tonight much relieved.

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