NFL 08: Cowboys fish and chips the Packers

Dallas Cowboys. Green Bay Packers. Lambeau Field.

The first quarter started with a Cowboys field goal. It progressed with a Packers field goal. It continued with Dallas quarterback  Tony Romo throwing a pass intended for tight end Jason Witten but that was intercepted in the end zone by Green Bay safety Nick Collins, who then ran to the forty-three yard line on the Cowboys side. Cowboys wide receiver Terrell Owens raced after and then brought him down.

The second quarter began with a Green Bay field goal. 6 to 3. It then unfolded a stupendous play where Tony Romo avoided a sack by sending the ball to running back Marion Barber, who then tossed the ball to wide receiver Isaiah Stanback. The Cowboys elevated their efficacy with a sixty-yard TD dash by running back Felix Jones (a “scissors play” according to John Madden). The Cowboys end the quarter with a field goal. Dallas 13 and Green Bay 6.

The third quarter marched on with an eye-popping fifty-eight yard run by Packers wide receiver Donald Driver towards the end zone–he abruptly leaped towards his left out of the path of a Cowboy. That drive ended in a field goal. The Cowboys then climbed higher with a Marion Barber TD in the bottom of the quarter. Dallas 20 and Green Bay 9.

The fourth quarter commenced with a touchdown by Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin (fifty-two yard pass from Tony Romo). Dallas 27. Green Bay 9. Nearing the bottom of the quarter, Packers own quarterback Aaron Rodgers made a short scoot into the end zone for a TD. Cowboys 27. Packers 16. Final score.

The Cowboys have played at Lambeau Field five times in the past and always lost to the home team. But not tonight.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. A minor improvement. The telecast after the opening theme song did not begin with an extreme close-up of Al Michaels’s face. He and John Madden were both wearing dark gray suits and gray ties. Al’s tie was diagonally striped, I believe. Gray background with white-on-black stripes, spaced an inch or so, apart down.

2. Green Bay Packers uniforms = mustard and relish. I prefer the Cowboys’ white jersey uniform to their dark blue jersey uniform.

3. It was alumni weekend in Green Bay. Clad in khakis (most likely) and an off-white, v-necked sweater, Bart Starr was enjoying the view of the game from the sidelines.

4. At the top of the fourth quarter, Al Michaels informed John Madden that Don Rickles finally won an Emmy tonight.

5. Halfway through the fourth quarter, John Madden complimented Jason Witten, “he’s a very, very special guy/player.” Witten is versatile.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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