Off Topic: First day of the octagon

August, September, and October confuse me when I’m writing them numerically as dates.

August = 8

September = 9

October = 10

December = 12

Sept (from the Latin septua) also means 7. The number 7 is “sept” in French. Oct is the numerical prefix for the number 8. There’s also December, the twelfth month. “Dec,” however, is the prefix for the number 10– decade, decagon, decimal. When I think of the month of August, I’m able to write “8” as an abbreviation without trouble.

September, October, and December, though, come less automatically. I sometimes end up writing 7, 8, and 10 respectively.

Pick up a few NFL items on your way out.

Nick Bakay (two syllables, sounds like “buh-kay”) on the Steelers retro-forms. He calls them a “brown paper bag.” I’m thinking of UPS and chili soup.
Vic Carucci on work, process, methodology as sanctuary.

— The Raiders shoo Lane Kiffin to the corner. Click here for the details.

— Oh but can the Falcons hold their own against the Packers on Sunday? Click here for more.

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