College Football: GaTech turbo tacks Duke

Vingt-sept et zero? Vraiment? GaTech’s Yellow Jackets really did beat Duke’s Blue Devils 27 to 0.

Grab a sweet one, water the horses, and do not Lose Friends or Alienate People.

Click here for more information about GaTech’s victory.

Click here for links to game summary, stats, and play-by-play.

Just a thought here

humming along

beneath the neon lights of an



football field

If too many conditions

factors, time-tables

came to marinate

on a quest for near-perfection

an interception,

most elegant

an audible,

most eloquent

Wouldn’t it just be easier

and simpler

to say

“hey man,

i ain’t lookin to play

i just wanna watch.

is that cool?”

but when really,


you want to play

on the fringes

of propriety



into the turf itself.

–yiqi 5 0ct 08 3:00 AM

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