College Football: UGA mashes the Volunteers

The Tennessee Volunteers traveled southward to Athens, GA for SEC recognition against the UGA Bulldogs. 97,000 spectators packed in Sanford Stadium to watch the festivities (televised by CBS).

Sophomore Nick Stephens stepped in as quarterback for the Volunteers. The first quarter progressed to the half with a touchdown by UGA (thanks to a thirty-seven yard run by fullback Shaun Chapas and fullback Brannan Southerland for getting into the end zone). The Bulldogs nearly had another TD in their next possession, but it morphed into a field goal because wide receiver A.J. Green was so close and yet so far from keeping the ball in his hands in the end zone.

The second quarter started off with a UGA field goal. Bulldogs 13 and Volunteers 0. After the halfway mark of the second quarter, Bulldogs quarterback Matthew Stafford threw his second interception of the season. Tennessee defensive end Robert Ayers got his hands on to the ball. Wide receiver Gerald Jones put the Volunteers on the board with a touchdown at the bottom of the second quarter. With fewer than thirty-seconds left in the first half, UGA swings scoring momentum back in their direction with a TD by wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi. 20 to 7.

The third quarter featured the second interception Matthew Stafford threw today (halfway through the third). Volunteers defensive back Eric Berry picked off the ball in the end zone and ran back up field to the forty-six yard line. The Volunteers capitalized even more on the interception by making a TD, courtesy of wide receiver Lucas Taylor. UGA 20 and Tennessee 14. The fourth quarter began and wound down with two UGA field goals. 26 to 14. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. After returning from commercial break (after Tennessee punted the ball away in the first quarter), the camera got a shot of Lorna’s Best sitting comfortably in his air-conditioned dog house.

2. Is it my imagination or was there no 1st and ten line? The blue line of scrimmage was certainly superimposed onto the screen, but I didn’t see the yellow first down line. No, wait. It was my imagination.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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