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College Football: Texas hulk-smashes Mizzou

The University of Missouri’s Tigers saddled their horses and trekked over to the Lone Star state to duke it out with the University of Texas Longhorns.

But first, Vanderbilt lost to UGA and Clemson couldn’t dowse Ga Tech.

Another detour:

I watched W. (Oliver Stone, 200eight) last night and Max Payne (John Moore, 200eight) this afternoon.  Good times all around.

Retour back to the game:

Televised by ABC, the first quarter started with a Longhorns touchdown by their own quarterback, Colt McCoy.  Texas made their second TD in the bottom of the quarter, courtesy of running back Chris Ogbonnaya.  The second quarter began with a Longhorns TD by freshman wide receiver Malcolm Williams (who had to leap into the air, sandwiched between two Tigers to catch the ball and fall backwards into the end zone).  Ogbonnaya put another one into the end zone shortly thereafter.  Longhorns 28 and Tigers 0.  Mizzou’s next possession took them down into the red zone.  Quarterback Chase Daniel threw the ball to wide receiver Danario Alexander, who caught it in the end zone, but his right foot was out of bounds.  Incomplete.  Towards the bottom of the second quarter, Texas wide receiver Jordan Shipley made a TD.  He and his teammates got up to 35 points.  Mizzou didn’t go into halftime completely numberless.  They finally lit things up with a field goal.  35 to 3.

The third quarter commenced with a Mizzou touchdown by tailback Derrick Washington.  The Tigers closed the score gap a pinch more: 35 to 10.  Nearing the bottom of the third quarter, Texas QB McCoy ran into the end zone a second time.  Longhorns 42 and Tigers 10.  Mizzou tight end Chase Coffman increased his team’s points with a TD in the bottom of the third quarter.   Longhorns 42 and Tigers 17.  The fourth quarter started with Mizzou QB Daniel throwing an interception because Texas defensive end Brian Orakpo tackled him.  Texas cornerback Ryan Palmer snatched the ball from mid-air.  Longhorns running back Cody Johnson increased their lead with a TD.  Texas 49 and Mizzou 17.

Tigers wide receiver Jared Perry made it into the end zone approaching the halfway point of the fourth quarter.  Texas 49 and Mizzou 24.  John Chiles scrubbed in as quarterback for Texas at this time (about halfway through the fourth quarter).  The Longhorns’ lead climbed higher still with a TD by freshman wide receiver Dan Buckner, 56 to 24.  Approaching the bottom of the quarter, Mizzou QB Daniel broke the plane (and then there were off-setting personal fouls to both teams).  Longhorns 56 and Tigers 31.  Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kirk Herbstreit and Brent Musberger provided commentary tonight.  They discussed the trivia that the last time Mizzou beat Texas, the Titanic didn’t exist and Grover Cleveland was President.

2. Derek Jeter was at the game rooting for the Longhorns.

3. When the commercial break ended after Mizzou’s Jared Perry made the TD in the fourth quarter, the Tigers mascot was filmed from an extreme, extreme low angle, medium close-up doing push-ups.  I think he did ten (I wasn’t counting).

4. The commentators mentioned the curse of being AP-polled #1.  It seems that each time that has been in the top spot this season has fallen.  UGA, USC, OSU (Ohio State).  I don’t recall if there were others.

5. Both quarterbacks embraced each other after the game ended.

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