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NFL 08: the Buccaneers frizz up the Seahawks

O Champs-Elysees, O Peyton Manning, O Packers jumped the Colts 34 to 14.

The Raiders confiscated the Jets in overtime 16 to 13.

The Rams shoe-horned the Cowboys (sans Tony Romo) 34 to 14.

Now on to Sunday Night Football starring the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks. Seneca Wallace stepped in as Seattle quarterback because Matt Hasselbeck was out with an injury. Jeff Garcia was performing the equivalent role for Tampa Bay (Brian Griese wasn’t playing due to an injury). The first quarter started with a touchdown by Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Bryant. The second quarter progressed into eight minutes or so and Buccaneers running back Ernest Graham made a TD. Tampa Bay 14 and Seattle 0. The second quarter drew down to three minutes with more Buccaneers numbers in the form of a field goal. 17 to 0. The third quarter gave the Seahawks a field goal at ten minutes. Tampa Bay 17 and Seattle 3. The fourth quarter sailed down towards the bottom with a Buccaneers field goal. 20 to 3. Final score? Not yet. With two minutes left in the game, Seahawks tight end John Carlson caught the ball in the end zone. Tampa Bay 20 and Seattle 10. That would be the final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth provided commentary tonight. John Madden was at home resting.

2. Seahawks head coach Mike Holmgren will not return to the helm at the end of the season.

3. Bud Light and Drinkability. I like the Pool Party one but not the Tailgaters one. A beer isn’t filling because a beer is empty calories. Unless a Bud Light isn’t filling because it won’t go down into the digestive system and sit there with carbonation building until one must belch or else.

4. Does Brian Griese have an underbite?

5. Fullback Mike Alstott’s number 40 was retired by Tampa Bay during halftime.

6. Seattle kicker Olindo Mare’s field goal attempt in the third quarter was no good–it was filmed from behind him. There may have been skycam action. Very odd, visually.

7. With some three minutes left in the third quarter, I do believe Al Michaels said, “pulling a George Clooney and getting the first down” in reference to Buccaneers wide receiver Michael Clayton catching Garcia’s pass. Ah and indeed–“Michael Clayton” is also a film starring George Clooney.

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NFL 08: Steelers microphone-check those Bengals

I started watching the Steelers at Bengals game (on CBS) in the third quarter. At halftime, the score was 10 to 7 in Pittsburgh’s favor. At the start of the third quarter, the Steelers increased their lead with a touchdown by running back Mewelde Moore. 17 to 7. The Bengals answered that one with a field goal towards the bottom of the quarter. 17 to 10. The fourth quarter said hello to a fifty-yard TD catch by Steelers wide receiver Nate Washington. Pittsburgh 24 and Cincinnati 10. Ticking to five minutes, Mewelde Moore made his third TD of the game. 31 to 10 Steelers. Byron Leftwich went in for Pittsburgh quarterbacking duties towards the bottom of the fourth quarter. Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward made it into the end zone in the bottom as well. 38 to 10.

Today’s victory marked the eighth time in a row that Pittsburgh beat Cincinnati at Cincinnati.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. After the commercial break proceeding Bengals kicker Dave Rayner put the ball through the uprights in the bottom of the third quarter, the camera went to a low angle medium shot of Cincinnati cheerleader Lindsey (specifically of her left shoulder up). She winked at the camera.

I know why the cameras tend towards the low-angle shot, but a high-angle never hurt anyone…except for those that are already vertically underwhelming.

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