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Off Topic: Today’s Prose 10

Settling in from the ninth section.


Walter Flint surveyed the names on the sheet of paper. With pen in hand, he was about to begin the process of re-organizing the locker assignments. The other coaches told him it was “plain silly” to think that a football team would play any better by doing a musical chairs on them. Walter Flint was willing to give it a try. His argument: chaos reigns on that field, even when things are going your way. If your players can’t adapt quickly to new locker assignments and develop strong connections with a different set of fellow offense or defense, chaos will have the advantage during crucial moments in the game.

Emily sat there listening to her uncle explain his theory to her. She understood, to a certain degree, his rationale, but she had to agree with the other coaches. It was “plain silly.” She changed the subject to the man she saw at Sykes Ten Stadium.

“What did he look like?” Her uncle asked.

“Remember that sophomore running back from two years ago? Fred “gel-on” Stables? This man looked like him–but ten years older.”

“Did he smell like a cinnabon?”

“Now, that you mention it, yes he did.” Emily replied as she stared into nowhere in particular.

“And you said he was arguin’ with someone on the phone?”

Emily nodded.

“I think I know who you saw. You’ll probably be seeing him a lot more too.”

Emily leaned in, her hands flat on the kitchen table.

Uncle Flint rummaged through the papers on his table. “Ah, there we go. His name is Kyle Pacer and will likely be the new stadium facilities manager.”

Emily gestured for her uncle to continue.

“Well, you know Gene Fenway is older than the arts and crafts building over at the high school. He’s getting to be that age where he can still remember all the good years but not be in denial of the bad ones. I think the stadium owners are wooing him to retire.”

“Wooing him?”

“Yeah, make it worth his while–which means he’ll never have to work again (not even in down times) or sell any of his football collectors items. Kyle is Gene’s nephew and the most likeliest candidate. I don’t think he’s too enthused about it, though. Probably why he was arguing with the person on the phone. When he isn’t excited about one thing, everything else turns into an obstacle course in hell.”

Emily was intrigued and asked her uncle how he knew all of this information. He said he would tell her soon enough.