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NFL 08: the Colts midnight-oil the Patriots

What a difference a year makes. The Indianapolis Colts and the New England Patriots were both undefeated at this time last year.

The Patriots went to Indianapolis to mix mints with the Colts on Sunday Night Football. The first quarter progressed without much drama for either team until the game clock had fewer than three minutes left. Colts quarterback Peyton Manning threw to Anthony Gonzalez for a touchdown. Indianapolis 7 and New England 0. The second quarter spelled out a field goal for New England. Colts 7 and Patriots 3. New England increased their score with another field goal in the bottom of the quarter. Going into halftime, Colts 7 and Patriots 6.

The third quarter trotted on halfway when Patriots running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis made it into the end zone. A two-point conversion was not successful. New England 12 and Indianapolis 7. The Colts answered that TD with one of their own, thanks to Anthony Gonzalez. They went for an made a successful two-point conversion, courtesy of wide receiver Reggie Wayne. Indianapolis 15 and New England 12. The fourth quarter brought a tie after the Patriots made a field goal (at the cost of their last time-out). Halfway through the fourth quarter, Colts kicker Adam Vinatieri made a fifty-two yard field goal. Indianapolis took the lead again. 18 to 15. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Perhaps the stop-and-go pacing of the first half of tonight’s game was the result of a Peyton Manning performing at 90% plus a non-Tom Brady Matt Cassel.

2. Al Michaels remarked that there were no penalties in the first half (excepting one in the last seconds of the second quarter when Colts wide receiver Marvin Harrison couldn’t get out of bounds).

3. The camera went to an extreme close-up of Peyton Manning’s face after returning from the commercial break that followed BenJarvus Green-Ellis’s TD–Manning looked so discouraged. His eyes were twinkling like he was on the verge of a Kleenex moment.

4. Colts defensive back Bob Sanders made an awesome interception–Matt Cassel threw the ball in the general direction of tight end Benjamin Watson–in the bottom of the fourth quarter when the Patriots went ahead on a fourth down and sixteen.

4. Al Michaels and John Madden shared a laugh concerning candy corn.

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NFL 08: the Falcons goldeneye the Raiders

The Atlanta Falcons cruised to the west coast to black jack with the Oakland Raiders. Televised by Fox, the first quarter began with a touchdown for the Falcons; quarterback Matt Ryan threw to wide receiver Michael Jenkins. The Falcons put another TD on the board on their next possession, courtesy of running back Jerious Norwood, who leaped over one of the Raiders into the end zone. Atlanta 14 and Oakland 0. The second quarter started with another Falcons TD–twenty-seven yards between Matt Ryan’s hands and Michael Jenkins in the end zone. Falcons 21 and Raiders 0. Atlanta increased their lead with a field goal just passed the halfway mark in the second quarter. 24 to 0.

The third quarter was scoreless. The fourth quarter began with Raiders defensive end Kalimba Edwards sacking Matt Ryan. A Falcons field goal attempt was no good. About halfway through the fourth quarter, the Raiders got to the red zone. Oakland quarterback JaMarcus Russell threw into the end zone–into the hands of Falcons safety Erik Coleman. The fourth quarter was scoreless too. Atlanta 24 and Oakland 0. Final score.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. JC Pearson and Matt Vasgersian were commentators. They wore much more eye-friendly ties. Pearson wore a light blue button-down shirt and a tie much like this one. Vasgersian wore a white button-down shirt and a tie like this one (with a set of green/gray in the stripes rather than black).

2. Raiders running back Darren McFadden was unable to play today on account of an injury.

3. So the commentators talked about Falcons running back Michael Turner’s numbers and that they haven’t been consistent in the past Sundays. Shall we just call this one, “things tend toward the mean” ?

4. The Raiders’ defense was on the field for forty-plus minutes by the time of the fourth quarter, as the commentators noted. They also mentioned that the last time the Falcons beat the Raiders was in late 80s when the Raiders were still a Los Angeles team.

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NFL 08: Titans silver-lake the Packers

But first, do I sniff a reality-based movie coming out of this bit of news concerning the role of long snapper and the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Tennessee Titans.  The Green Bay Packers.  Nashville, TN.   Can Aaron Rodgers and his cheese-mates change that undefeated Titan season?  Televised by Fox, the first quarter began with a Tennessee field goal.  Titans 3 and Packers 0.  The second quarter also started with a Titans field goal.  6 to 0.  The Packers made a field goal on their next possession.  Tennessee 6 and Green Bay 3.  Green flipped the cot and took the lead with a touchdown, thanks to wide receiver Donald Driver.  10 to 6.  The Titans snatched the lead right back with a TD by running back Chris Johnson.  Tennessee 13 and Green Bay 10.

The third quarter began with what could’ve been a touchdown for Green Bay, but Titans safety Chris Hope intercepted Rodgers’s pass in the end zone.  Titans increased their lead with a field goal.  16 to 10.  Green Bay narrowed the score gap with a field goal.  16 to 13.  The fourth quarter progressed more than halfway and Mascon Crosby tied the game with a field goal for Green Bay.  16 points each.   A forty-seven yards Packers field goal attempt in the very bottom of the fourth quarter is no good, so the game went into overtime.  The Titans keep their undefeated season by winning with a field goal.  19 to 16.

Observations & Miscellania:

1. Kerry Collins was quarterback for the Titans.

2. Shouldn’t it be a rule that sportscasters are not allowed to wear striped button-down shirts to the job if they are to be on camera?  Daryl Johnston and Tony Albert were commentators.  Johnston wore a striped button-down shirt and a brownish-gold tie.  The stripes were not eye-friendly once mediated through a TV camera lens.  Albert wore a white button-down shirt and a very unsightly dark red and yellow-spotted tie.  Not polka dots, it was something like this tie–without the stripes, red not blue, and more dots.

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