College Football: Texas Tech mini milanos Oklahoma State

But first. I had my oil changed when I woke up and then spent all day looking for boots. The first retail stop yielded a dress; the second stop produced a jacket; the third stop turned up a watch (which I had been meaning to obtain), and, finally, two pairs of boots (one black and one brown from the kids section!, good Odin, my feet are small). I also watched the last minute in the fourth quarter of Alabama vs. LSU game at the third retail stop. Both teams had 21 points, and because Alabama’s field goal attempt was unsuccessful, the game went into overtime (which I did not watch). Alabama ended up winning by six points.


Two more points of interest:

GaTech couldn’t get it together to fend off UNC.

UGA escaped from Kentucky’s offensive thrust.


I started watching the Texas Tech Red Raiders and the Oklahoma State Cowboys pigskin pillow fight at halftime. Around nine minutes into the third quarter, Texas Tech wide receiver Michael Crabtree made a touchdown catch. Oklahoma State’s running back Kendall Hunter got into the end zone on his team’s next possession, but a bad snap prevented the execution of the extra point. Red Raiders 35 and Cowboys 20. Towards the bottom of the third quarter, Crabtree made another TD catch (his third of the evening). Texas Tech 42 and Oklahoma State 20.

The fourth quarter progressed halfway and then Red Raiders running back Shannon Woods ran into the end zone for a TD. He did it again at the bottom of the second quarter. Texas Tech 56 and Oklahoma State 20. Final score.

Get game summary, stats, and play-by-play here.

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