Off Topic: Today’s Verse 20

Wipe that sin off your palace gate.  Retreat into a greener property value, where the markings of betrayal are tinted w/ buckled esteem.  For a winter gone dry to the bones of my confession.

And you follow the trumpet player out of the village to set up shop on the wetlands of a demure pantry.  Stocked with all your favorite titillation and brimming w/ cinnamon spice pumpkin seeds.

I cradle you beneath where the cherubs do not feel remorse about their perversity.  Misdirection begins to smell like drawings of win-less, violin strings.  I bring forth the best in your desperation.  So wipe that sin off your century.

— yiqi 7 dec 08 6:10 pm

Now for some On Topic Matters:

The Pittsburgh Steelers hole-punched the Dallas Cowboys 20 to 13.

The Baltimore Ravens monster-trucked the Washington Redskins 24 to 10.

Georgia Tech and LSU will duke it out at the Eat Mor Chikin Bowl.  Broadcast on ESPN, which means I’ll have to get to a restaurant or finagle my way into someone’s living room on New Year’s Eve.

UGA and Michigan will paint each other’s toenails and braid each other’s hair at the Capital One Bowl.  Televised by ABC on New Year’s Day.

Click here for full BCS 2009 schedule details.

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