Off Topic: Written on the fly…

I’ve been working on my review of Nothing Like the Holidays when this piece of verse oozed out of my fingertips. Severely off-topic, but when the voice calls, I must heed it.

placated on a whim, sealed in a coffin

of chocolate

tortuous affairs

a steady stream of planetariums

a feast of all day saints

submerged by lone heroes

that walk the battle fronts, where the promises I offer

won’t pay for a carriage ride to the town center

meanwhile I’m indebted to the open mic

it buzzes with flashy ferris wheels that needle in the park

where you’ve left your shadow

I’ve left my car

and the heady reminder that I can be wounded appears to send you free

to be written on the fly

without revision

I cancel out the interiority

of a femme fatale fool.

–yiqi 13 dec 08 123:28 AM

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