And then there were two

…just where you left them. Crinkled, moist, a view askew from the waste basket. Your old uniforms are still under the bed. The ones that say, “go Merriweather Masons” on the back. The phone sits unplugged, collecting dusty donations next to the radiator, which lies not too far from a half-eaten carburettor.

I checked your trophies for prints. All clean. No jaunty memories of a person you’ve forgotten how to be.

Did the car really just get away from you? Did you really just lose control?

Or maybe you just lost your gym shorts in a bet about Saturday. The state championship was on the line and you blew it. Because you had a hot date with an appellate court.

And you wonder why there were just two exactly where you left them. Wrinkled, damp, a clear view obscured by the trash bin. Your old equipment is still under the stairs, the set that have “Delqo Factories” emblazoned on the inside. Your welcome mat is starting to stink.

–yiqi 25 dec 08 11:58PM

…a work in progress methinks?

Here’s another one…completely not sports-related.

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