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Fact-Cookies, Eye Opening, Truly

Soft Baked Cookie:

Numbers, sports, and TV at Sports Media Watch.

Gluten Free Cookie:

Law enforcement agents can’t all be as dashing and dazzling as Law & Order personnel.  If your legal spokesperson is not present with you at the time, be as silent as a doormouse.  Or so James Duane argues.  Would anyone like to elaborate on or contextualize his points?  Click here to read more about the man.

Sugar Free Cookie:

UGA’s women’s basketball team showed Auburn’s what’s up with the lighting fixtures.  67-58.

Sin Free Cookie:

Atlanta Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff is bonafide, and certainly not a man of constant sorrow.

Sell By Date Cookie:

School recess normalizing and healthy for kids’ unruly behavior.  Researchers at Albert Einstein College of Medicine would bet their Wiis on it…surely.  I never liked recess.  I enjoyed being outside (when the weather was nice) and to goof off, but I frequently preferred to sit on a log or the curb rather than run around like my pants were on fire (because people nonsensically, automatically run around feeding the flames).  I imagine that aside from the cathartic nature of physical movement (a release from stressors), recess enables kids to figure out social hierarchies, interpersonal protocol, and social etiquette.  So, mouthing off next to the monkey bars could be better than throwing a punch before math class begins.  Teachers would just have to be vigilant and make sure that mouthing off–sans pirate talk–next to the monkey bars doesn’t escalate into projectile fists or pebbles.

In Wisconsin, Cheerleading is a contact sport

Oh, but only recently…very recently.  You probably hadn’t even thought to organize your 2008 receipts when the Wisconsin Supreme Court decided that because cheerleading “is a contact sport…its participants cannot be sued for accidentally causing injuries.”

There are three assertions in this news item–click here to read the entire spread–that make me go “hmmm.” Cheerleading was not deemed a contact sport last year “because there’s no contact between opposing teams.”  As of Tuesday, though, the sheer physical demands placed on cheerleaders (not to mention laws of physics) is high and mighty enough for a re-classification.  Cheerleading is certainly no picnic in Piedmont Park and requires athletic ability and talent just like other sports (team and solo).

And yet, the very act of cheerleading occurs in technically four  places: cheerleading practice, pep-rallies, games, and cheerleading competitions.   If the Wisconsonian definition of “contact sport” suggests that the athletes must literally touch the opponent’s team members, there is no way that cheerleading would qualify.

Sounds like the definition for “contact sport” must be altered such that accidental injuries involving any of the athletes–friend or foe–would not be grounds for legal action.  But what factors should be considered but would become unwieldy?

1. Intent (maybe it appeared accidental but the whole school knew that those two were out for blood, and just look at their faces).

2. Neglect (someone not paying attention?).

3. Area of contact (head-to-head, unacceptable; foot-to-thigh, hand-to-back, acceptable).

4. Duration (under five seconds, unavoidable; more than seven seconds, totally avoidable).


Click here for more information about the case.

See cheerleaders take to their craft.

A View with a Room for Tampa Bay

Super Bowl XLIII will unravel like a whodunit on Sunday, February 1 in Florida’s Tampa Bay.

What do you know about this region?

According to, St. Petersburg College’s financial aid process can be daunting to master; a bald eagle was recently rescued. reports that in 2008 nearly 21% of its inhabitants (fifteen years and older) have never been married.

The National Railway Historical Society has a Tampa Bay chapter.

The Tampa Historical Society is based out of the Knight House.

A google image search of the word “Tampa Bay” without the quotation marks yields the following.

A youtube search yields the following.

Satellite image cred here.

Kurt Warner on Larry Fitzgerald

“He’s so big and strong…”

Don’t get your adult knickers in a tryst–the above comment was made in regards to Larry Fitzgerald’s athletic talent and abilities.  Click here to watch Kurt Warner elaborate.

“Probability and tendency” and play-calling.  Check out the screen graphics and brief crowd shots.


Anatomy of a Murder.

Anatomy of a Scene.

Anatomy of a Play.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I get it. Even so, why not choose another noun, and thusly, a verb.  Couldn’t we deconstruct a play as opposed to dissect it?  Can’t we have “Play Apart” ?